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Physical fitness is relating to the fitness of your muscles in your body regardless of your overall health and medical status while on the other hand, wellness fitness takes into account your total being and all areas of your health as you can look physically fit and be sick as a dog inside.

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Q: What is physical fitness and explain wellness fitness?
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What is the difference between physical fitness and wellness?

?different between physical fitness and wellness

Differentiate health and wellness?

Physical fitness as the the same of physical wellness

What has the author Werner W K Hoeger written?

Werner W. K. Hoeger has written: 'Health and Fitness & Wellness Explorer, A Guide to Resources on the Internet' 'Wellness' -- subject(s): Exercise, Health, Health promotion, Physical fitness 'Lifetime physical fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Health promotion, Health behavior, Exercise, Physical fitness 'Principles and Labs for Physical Fitness and Wellness' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Exercise, Physical fitness 'Principles and laboratories for physcial fitness & wellness' -- subject(s): Health, Physical fitness 'Fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Health, Physical fitness 'Principles and labs for fitness and wellness' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Health, Physical fitness

Wellness and physical fitness are different?

Wellness and physical fitness are releated, but they are certainly different. "Wellness" is usually described as having several components, one of which is physical fitness. Physical fitness is an important aspect of wellness, but there are other components of wellness too. In other words, a person will most likely NOT be "well" unless they are in good physical shape for their lifestyle. Likewise, a person can be physically fit and NOT be "well," due to other components of Wellness. Typically, the other components of wellness are psychological / emotional health, social health, and even economic health.

What are factors that contribute to physical fitness?

Heredity, food and food habits, the kind and regularity of the exercise we do and the environment we live in are generally the important factors that contribute to our physical wellness. M T COSCA, INCIDE-India

What has the author Frank D Rosato written?

Frank D. Rosato has written: 'Fitness for wellness' -- subject(s): Exercise, Health, Nutrition, Physical fitness 'Instructor's manual to accompany Fitness and wellness'

What concept of physical fitness is based on the concept of wellness and the elimination of hypokinetic conditions?

health related physical fitness is the amswer nova net genius.

Which area of wellness enables you to perform daily activities with vigor?

Physical fitness

How can physical fitness help you achieve personal wellness?

physical fitness helps you achieve personal wellness because you need to exercise regularly and have a healthy diet to be physically fit and being physically fit is being healthy or wealthy

What is the relationship between physical activity fitness health and wellness?

They all three are directly proportional to each other because if we have do physical activity, we would feel more fit and healthy and this would result in wellness.

What is physical wellness?

physical wellness is physical wellness (lol)

Enumerate and describe the different components of physical fitness?

enumerate and explain the deferent components of physical fitness

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