What is planned obsolescence?

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Planned obsolescence (also built-in obsolescence (UK)) is the decision on the part of a manufacturer to produce a consumer product that will become obsolete and/or non-functional in a defined time frame. Planned obsolescence has potential benefits for a producer in that it means a consumer cannot just buy a product once and never have to buy again - the life of the product's usefulness or functionality is fixed, so that at some point the consumer must purchase again, whether returning to the original manufacturer for a newer model, or buying from the competition. For an industry, it stimulates demand in the marketplace by ensuring a customer must come back into a buying mode sooner than had the product been built to last longer or indefinitely. It exists in many different products from vehicles to lightbulbs, from buildings to software. There is, however, the potential backlash of consumers that become aware of such obsolescence; such consumers can shed their loyalty and buy from a company that caters to their desire for a more durable product. Planned obsolescence was first developed in the 1920s and 1930s when mass production had opened every minute aspect of the production process to exacting analysis. Estimates of planned obsolescence can influence a company's decisions about product engineering. Therefore the company can use the least expensive components that satisfy product lifetime projections. Such decisions are part of a broader discipline known as value engineering.

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Q: What is planned obsolescence?
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What are the numerous benefits to planned obsolescence?

Advocates of planned obsolescence say it's a means of satisfying changing consumer demands. Others have defended planned obsolescence as a necessary driving force behind innovation and economic growth.

Why promises are meant to be broken?

Planned obsolescence.

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What is the word for products made to have a short life spans?

planned obsolescence

Where can one find information on planned obsolescence?

Information on planned obsolescence can be found from many different resources. Some examples of online resources for this information include Information Week and The Daily Green.

How does companies that utilize planned obsolescence fair in the market?

Pretty well, actually: a company that uses planned obsolescence (like most software companies) can be sure of continued business because customers return again and again.

What are weaknesses of capitalism?

resource management. planned obsolescence. moral decay. myopia. apathy. greed.

How does planned obsolescence benefit the maunfacturer?

Planned obsolescence benefits the manufacturer because it insures a constant flow of business. If they produce products that last forever, people will only need to purchase the given product once and therefore have little reason to go back and make another purchase.

When a company designs a product to fail in order to shorten the time between consumer repurchases is refer red as?

planned obsolescence

Need a sentence using the word endurance?

Product endurance was once the goal of manufacturers but now they prefer planned obsolescence.

What are the reasons for obsolescence?

The reasons for technological or product obsolescence are: 1) The technology is outdated resulting in outdated design shape or size of the product; 2) Newer technology has offered better more versatile products thus making other product lose its usefulness; or 3) It is the result of planned obsolescence.

What is economical obsolescence?

economic obsolescence

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