What is plumbers goop?

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Plumber's Goop

This is my favorite, permanent glue. When a mineral specimen is to be repaired or mounted permanently, this is the perfect adhesive. It can be diluted/thinned, it is colorless, it does not decompose or turn color with age, the smallest amount will hold a great deal of weight, it is "slightly flexible" when dry, it is reversible in most cases, withstands occasional heat of up to 150° F., is waterproof, resistant to dilute acids and it can be rejuvenated when it thickens in its container. The only negative is its Set Up Time: 30-60 minutes. Its Complete Cure Time: 24-72 hours, dependent upon humidity and temperature. It far out-shadows epoxy and Super-Glue adhesives.


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Q: What is plumbers goop?
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