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What is point-of-sale?

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2015-03-24 10:04:27

something like this, i think it's a system allowing business

transactions to be monitored, and also therein facilitating tasks

that would otherwise be time-consuming (if done manually) such as

monitoring stock, inventory managing etc..

Addendum: The above describes a point of sale system. In

a word, a point of sale system is the cash register - and all the

different functions it performs. The term point of sale (without

the word system) is the physical location where you process a

Customer's transaction.... which is typically, but not always, a

cash register. Point of sale is also used to refer to additional

"things" that can or should happen upon processing a Customer's

transaction. For example, in a clothing store, the employee may

suggestive sell some accessories to the Customer purchasing

clothes, i.e. earrings, shoes, belt, etc. They may also inform the

Customer about specials and promotions, i.e. "Do you have a Macy's

credit card", etc. This all happens at the point of sale.

Point of Sale (POS) may be the location in which a retail

purchase is finished. It's the purpose where a cost is made by a

person towards the vendor as a swap for companies or products. In

sale's point the total amount owed from the client would be

calculated by the store and supply choices for the client to create

cost. The vendor will even usually concern a bill for that


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