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What is polymer?

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Polymer is a large, complex molecule built from smaller molecules joined together in a repeating pattern.
poly means many, mer means part these words are from greek language. example for polymer are polyethene etc

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What is a block polymer?

A block polymer is a polymer which is a block macromolecule.

What is inorganic polymer?

The polymer which do not cantain carbon is called inorganic polymer .

Is sucrose a polymer?

Sucrose is a disaccharide, its not a polymer. Sucrose is a disaccharide, its not a polymer.

What is a special polymer?

It is a polymer which has special properties such as a memory shape polymer.

What is difference between polymer and co-polymer?

A polymer can be made of one single monomer unit, for example, ethylene to polyethylene. Whereas a copolymer can have two monomers that grow into one polymer with a different arrangement. for example, ethylene and butylene grow into poly(ethylene-co-butylene )

Is a lipid a monomer or polymer?

Its a Polymer

What is the polymer of DNA?

DNA is a polymer.

Is a steroid a monomer or polymer?


Is keratin a monomer or polymer?


What polymer is a bag made of?


Is lipid a polymer?

is carbohydrate a polymer

Are phospholipids a polymer?

A phospholipid is not a polymer.

Is albumin a monomer or a polymer?

it is a polymer

Is chocolate a polymer?

Chocolate is not a polymer.

What is the polymer of water?

Water does not have a polymer.

Is diamond a ceramic or polymer?


What is an antonym for polymer?

There is no antonym for polymer

Is glycerol a monomer or polymer?


Is sunflower a reaction or a polymer?


What is the difference between natural polymer and synthesic polymer?

A natural polymer is available in nature whereas a synthetic polymer is synthesized in laboratory.

Is a glycogen a monomer or polymer?

Glycogen is a polymer of glucose (the monomer).

What type of polymer is ATP?

ATP is not a polymer.

Is wool a polymer?

Yes, it is a natural polymer

What is the proper application of polymer?

application of polymer

What is co-polymer?

coragated plastic