What is popularity and who controls it?

Popularity is a person who is hailed by their peers. It usually starts in school and only gets worse. If you are wealthy, if you are one of the beautiful people, etc., etc., you are often accepted into a "group" and therefore considered popular. It's made up by society. Then there are people who are popular because they are out-going, funny, intelligent, etc. It's a strange thing, but it appears the more odd a person is re their personality many in society consider these odd people genius'. Being quiet, strange and down-right odd certainly doesn't make anyone a genius. The smart kids could care less about being super popular, because school is just school and a lot can change when you get out in the real world. Those who were popular in school can take a nose dive when they get out in the world and actually have to work for a living. Those who weren't popular can become popular and respected highly in their professions or just as a person. It's just a word!