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What is reason for not gaining weight?

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  • In my opinion, one reason could be that we don't eat the right foods, our body respond to the foods that we eat.
  • There can be many reasons why a person does not gain weight. It is wise to first consult with your physician or medical adviser.
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Can you receive stretch marks from gaining weight?

Number one reason people receive stretch marks is from weight gain.

Does gaining weight hurt?

sometime gain weight is good for body which prevent you from suffering but in some cases gaining weight is hurt like too much pregnancy weight hurt child's heart. smoking and drinking also harmful for body and one of the reason for weight gain.

How can you lose weight without gaining stretch marks?

You develop stretch marks from gaining weight, or pregnancy, but not from losing weight.

What anime has girls gaining weight?

Well in a episode of Gintama a these girls were gaining weight but they lost weight after they went to this diet camp

Is Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum gaining weight?

Yes, as of the 2012 Grammys she appeared to be gaining weight.

What foods are best for gaining weight for exercise?

Most athletes are in the business of gaining weight. But with weight gaining foods is not about how much you but is more about what you eat. The most popular foods is Whey Protein and dairy products.

Can you gain muscle mass with weight training without gaining weight?

No that is impossible. You cannot gain muscle mass without ever gaining weight.

Does bulimia couse intense fear of gaining weight?

yes, this is the entire base reason of this disorder. Google "Bulimia" and educate yourself and others.

You stopped taking birth control for two months and you think after you stopped taking it you gained weight and you were wondering if he reason why im gaining weight is because you stopped taking birt?

Or you are pregnant.

How can you tell if your losing weight or gaining weight from stretch marks?

If your stretch marks are red you're definitely gaining weight. If your stretch marks are white you might be loosing weight. (for Caucasians)

What is pocrescophobia?

It is the fear of gaining weight

What is obesophobia?

Its the fear of gaining weight

How can you make your breasts grow without gaining weight?

No, you can't grow larger breasts without gaining weight all over.

Is swimming good for gaining weight and building muscle?

Building muscle yes, but since it is also aerobic, gaining weight will be a struggle.

Healthy weight gaining foods?

yes you can gayley gain weight

Does not eating after 6pm promotes weight loss?

no but it keeps you from gaining weight

How do bodybuilders lose water weight?

from sweating and gaining muscle weight

What phobia is the fear of gaining weight?


What do Stomach Cramps mean?

gaining weight

What is the health food for gaining weight?


Is gaining weight contagious?

no your just fat

Can gaining weight make you snore?

Yes it can.

What are the disadvantages of gaining weight?

There can be multiple disadvantages to gaining weight. You may be at greater risk for several health conditions if you gain weight including: Diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more.

How do you gain weight so your breasts can grow?

You cant really control where your body places fat. Gaining weight can increase breast size but at the expense of gaining weight in other places too

How i loss weight because after my baby birth i again gaining weight?

If you're gaining weight you're eating too much. Cut down on fat, sugars and overall serving sizes.

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