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What is repositionable wallpaper?


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Unlike regular wallpaper, repositionable wallpaper is a wallcovering that may be moved around once it is applied to the surface. It facilitates installation especially if you are using a patterned covering or the wall is not plumb. We have repositionable wallcoverings that are also removable and reusable. Original designs are digitally printed on canvas-like vinyl with a unique adhesive backing. This type of wallcovering is great for renters, seasonal or accent decorating, and for use in children's rooms.


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No, paste isn't necessary when using repositionable wallpaper. It already has a unique adhesive backing. Think post-it notes, only stronger. This creates a "magnetic" type bond with the surface to which it is applied. It just has to be pealed off of its backing and positioned where you want it to adhere. The advantage is that if it isn't exactly in the right position, you can remove it and reapply to align correctly. Some repositionable products are also reusable but not all are, so be sure to check how a specific product can be used.

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Sure, you can paint or wallpaper your room, providing you are the owner. However, if you are renting, or, say, a student in a dorm, you will have to check with the landlord to see if it is alright to paint or wallpaper. Landlords frequently object to ordinary wallpaper usage because it is difficult to remove and that task falls to the landlord when the renter moves! However, there is a repositionable, removeable and reusable wallcovering available which will not leave a residue on properly primed walls when removed. In essence, it provides "slipcovers" for your walls. The advantage for renters is that you can take it with you when you move and use in your next location. For homeowners, you don't have the mess of wallpaper paste or the extra cost of hiring an installer if you don't feel confident to install it yourself. The repositionable, removable and reusable product can easily be installed by one person and there are videos on the web site to illustrate installation.

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You can buy repositionable wallpaper on the web, in some home furnishing, paint or "big box" stores. But, beware when buying that you compare quality, size and properties and not just price. All repositionable wallpapers are not the same. For instance, some require moistening with water to apply. Some adhere better than others. Some are very thin. Some are more prone to collecting air bubbles than others during installation. Thicker ones more easily cover and mask any irregular surfaces. And then, there are those which are not only repositionable and removable, but also reusable. Making the latter type ideal for students, rentors, and anyone who want to decorate seasonally.

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Most definitely. Repositionable wallcovering can be customized for both color and size. You can upload your photos which can then be customized to your specifications. It is even possible to match colors to Benjamin Moore or other paint hues.Since this kind of wallcovering can be easily repositioned, you can install it yourself. However, if your customized size is especially large, it would be helpful to have someone assist you in holding the wallcovering during installation.

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