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What is reverse firewall?

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A fire wall protects a computer incoming data packets. A reverse firewall prevents the computer or more properly a network from sending out mass data packets when it is under control from an outside source.

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Where are the fuses for Reverse lights located?

In the fuse box under the dash, sometimes there is an auxiliary fuse box under the hood on the drivers side firewall

Why is your clutch hard to press and can not shift into first and reverse grinds in a 1995 suzuki sidekick?

Your clutch cable needs to be replaced, it is probably broken from it's shield at the firewall.

How does a firewall effectively control traffic?

A firewall can help you bring in or block out certain types of traffic. If you are being bogged down with loads of traffic from a certain network you can set the firewall to block those connections. Same goes as if you wanted to allow certain other connections. It's basically like a toll gate, you can pass along certain things and reverse others.

What is Difference between firewall and personal firewall?

Firewall is broad term. Where personal firewall is mainly software firewall which is installed on Users desktop computer. Many Operating systems have built-in firewall Installed.

What is the worst firewall to have on a computer?

No Firewall

Comodo firewall or Norton firewall?

Neither. Use AVG firewall. It's even better than the other two or the Windows firewall.

Im trying to use LimeWire but it says its blocked by a firewall but when you try to turn the firewall off its not their?

Is it your PC's firewall or NORTON firewall ? You may have more than one firewall installed on your PC

What is an example of firewall?

packet filter firewall

Which type of firewall is implemented by adding firewall functionality to an existing device such as a router?

Integrated firewall.

Can you recommend a firewall for a small business?

The best overall firewall: Fortinet. The best simple firewall: Ubiquiti EdgeRouter. The best enterprise firewall: Cisco NGFW. The best free software firewall: OPNSense.

Should you complement your firewall program by installing a hardware firewall?

It is the general consensus that you should complement your firewall program by installing a hardware firewall. This is a firewall that is built into a router or stand-alone device. It often provides greater protection than a software-based firewall.

How do you get pass a firewall to access the internet?

if firewall is blocking access to intranet,then shut off firewall to see if it will connect!! right click on firewall to shut down.

What is a binary firewall?

binary firewall that allows only authorized IP addresses to pass through the firewall.

What is third party firewall?

a third party firewall is any firewall that did not come with the computers operating system

How does a firewall operate?

Firewall is an intermediate software, which acts between trusted network and untrusted network such as internet. Firewall uses packet filtering, application filtering mechanism to control the network flow passing in and out of the system.There are two types of firewall. Software firewall and hardware firewall.Software firewall: Software firewall is mainly opted for single system such as home system. Software firewall can be downloaded for free in the websites such as, which offers the best firewall security features.Hardware firewall: Hardware firewall is a hardware device, which is mainly opted for a big organisation which contains many numb of systems. Hardware firewall uses packet filtering technique to monitor the source and destination of networks.

What acts as a locked door on a computer?


What type of firewall is most secure?

A statefull firewall.

Do printers have a firewall?

No, printers do not require or need a firewall.

Where is ecm module on 1999 wrangler?

Behind the battery on the firewall.Behind the battery on the firewall.

Where is the firewall in a 1997 blazer?

The separation between the engine compartment, and you, is called the firewall. The Steering shaft, from your steering wheel runs through the firewall, the heater hoses run through the firewall, the power brake vacuum unit is connected to the firewall, your ignition wires etc run through the firewall.

How do you access the firewall in your computer?

On a Windows computer, the default firewall is Windows Firewall. Simply typing that in the search bar will bring it up. If you have an Antivirus program, the firewall will be managed from within it.

Firewall 1998 Chevy?

What about the firewall, Don't understand the question.

How do you take a firewall off your computer?

take off firewall

What is is freebsd firewall pf?

Means Firewall Packet Filter.

Is there is a firewall in Windows 98?

Windows 98 does not include a firewall.