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gee i dont know

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Q: What is said in regard of impeachment in the House?
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What is said of the senate in regard to impeachment?

they serve impeachment trials

Does the house have something to do with impeachment?

Yes the house has something to do with the impeachment

What does the house of representatives have to do with impeachment?

the house of representatives is the sole power of impeachment in our government

Does the house of representatives have anything to do with impeachment of a president?

The answer is YES. The HOUSE has the sole power of impeachment. And the SENATE decides the case in impeachment.

In impeachment seatings the house may?

Impeachment starts in the House, but the hearings are held in the Senate.

What is the role of the house of representatives in an impeachment case?

The House can bring a charge of impeachment, but the Senate must either convict or render the impeachment charges moot.

What vote is necessary in the House to achieve an impeachment?

A majority vote is necessary in the House of Representatives to achieve an impeachment.

Does the house of representatives get involved in impeachment cases?

Yes. The House is the only federal agency that has the power of impeachment.

What house acts as a jury to impeachment cases?

The House of Representatives brings about impeachment and the Senate conducts the trial.

Impeachment of government officials is done in?

The House of Representatives has the impeachment power.

What role does the house have in impeachment process?

The Sole Power Of the whole Impeachment.

Does the senate have the sole power to try all impeachment cases?

Based on the US Constitution, impeachment cases are based on evidence presented in the House of Representatives. If grounds for impeachment are held to be valid, then a president, as example is impeached in the House and the case is tried in the US Senate. With that said, the Senate conducts a trial regarding impeachments.

Does the White House hold exclusive power to bring impeachment charges?

No. The House of Representatives initiates impeachment proceedings.

Is it true that the House of Representatives holds exclusive power to bring impeachment charges?

Impeachment PowersIt is true that the power to bring impeachment charges lies with the House of Representatives.

What branch of Congress brings impeachment charges Which branch tries the impeachment?

The House impeaches, the Senate tries the impeachment.

Why was the power impeachment given to congress and what is the role played by each house in the impeachment process?

Impeachment rocks in congress!!!

What body votes on impeachment?

The House of Representatives holds the sole power of impeachment .

In which house does the impeachment process start?

the General Assembly starts the impeachment process

The house that begins the impeachment process?

The house of reps.

What is the role of the House in a impeachment trial?

A group from the House of Representatives, called Managers, serves as the prosecution at the Senate impeachment trial.

Who starts impeachment cases?

The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives starts impeachment proceedings. An impeachment trial is then held.

What are the duties of each house of congress in the impeachment process?

The impeachment process begins in the House of Representatives. Unlike the House, the Senate has only the power to try etc

What is the indictment of official by the house?


Does the house of representatives try cases of impeachment?

No- only the Senate can try an impeachment case.

What is the first step in the impeachment process for removing for a president from office?

A vote for impeachment in the House