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What is school like in the Dominican Republic?

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Very different from American public and private schools. Dominican schools all, public or private, have to use school uniformes, education is a bit more striced but the best thing is that you don't have to worry about social groups cause there are no bully jocks are cheerleaders who make fun of you because everyone feels the same and no one is higher than the other.

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Is school required in Dominican Republic?

In the Dominican republic not everyone goes to school. although it is required, it is not mandatory.

What is like to be a student in Dominican Republic?

It was basically like being in school. You have your own responsibilities.

How do you say school in the Dominican Republic?

School is: ecuela (if it is public) or colegio (if it is private). Spanish is spoken in the Dominican Republic, so it is a Spanish translation.

What do teens in the Dominican Republic do after school?


Are there any mountains in the Dominican Republic?

Yes there are mountain's in the Dominican republic like mountain diablontin.

How do people in the Dominican Republic dress?

People in Dominican Republic dress like Americans Mexicans or Asians.

What is the food like in the Dominican Republic?

The food in the Dominican Republic is super good. A common food there is rice, beans and chicken. Sancocho is very popular, its a traditional plate in the Dominican Republic. == ==

How long is a school day in the Dominican Republic?

5 hours

What is the environment like in the Dominican Republic?


When do you get out of school in the dominican republic?

the average Dominican goes to school for 6 years. but some people go to school for an extra 3 more years (college)

Who established the dominican republic?

who established the dominican republic

Where was the Dominican Republic flag made?

in the dominican republic

Does the Dominican Republic have deserts?

There are no deserts in the Dominican Republic.

What is Sousa Dominican Republic like?

It is like Hawaii beautiful

How long is the school day in the dominican republic?

every day dawg

What is the form of government in the dominican republic?

The Dominican Republic is a unitary presidential republic.

Do people of the Dominican Republic like Jamaicans?


What bodies of water are around the Dominican Republic?

dominican republic?

Does the Dominican Republic have states or provinces?

Dominican Republic has provinces.

Does it rain in the Dominican Republic?

Yes it did rain in the Dominican Republic.

Which is closer to the equator Dominican Republic or Honduras?

The Dominican Republic.

What is the nickname for the Dominican Republic?

"Quisqueya" is a nickname for Dominican Republic.

Who owns the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is an independent nation.

Who is the nation for Dominican republic?

The Dominican Republic is a sovereign country.

Why is the Dominican Republic is not developed?

Dominican Republic is a developing country.

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