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What is sci dama?

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Answersci-dama is a game like Chess. Answersci-dama is a game like chess.

sci dama is a game. i tis like dama but the rules are opposite. we must let our opponent eat our chips.. there are some cooresponding numbers or values in every chip. have a plan and don't take it easy.. GOOD LUCK!!

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Thermo sci dama?

thermo sci dama

What is the sci-dama with Fahrenheit on the chips?

THi sci-dama

How do you make an electro sci dama board?

how to make sci dama

How do you score THI sci dama?

haw to score thi sci dama

How do you win in sci-dama?

try to play it

What are the positioning of chips in scientific notation on sci dama board?

What are the chips in scientific notation sci-dama

What are the strategies in thermo sci-dama?

midile term

Show a picture of a Sci-Dama Board?

yes pls show a picture of sci-dama board I posted a picture of the very sci-dama board that is being used by my daughter. You can see it here:

How to make a sci-dama?

Sci-dama is the opposite of damath... If your score is more lower than the other player you are the winner... If you don't like to score you can do it... If your chips is all gone you are the winner :) THAT'S ALL I KNOW tnK u! Hi. It's easy to make a sci-dama board. Just follow the sci-dama board pattern in here: Hope this helps.

Sci dama rules?

from what I have learned, sci-dama is just like the ordinary dama except that the way you are being scored is different. You have to have the lowest score in order to win.

Are Sci Dama rules just the same as dama or checkers?


Number of chips in sci dama?

Do no

Techniques in sci-dama?

first move 5 for the high school

What is the scoresheet in sci-dama?

see Sources and related links, below:

What are the Chips for thermo Sci-dama?

They are electro-chips used in Sci-dama online board game. The chips represent the number and location on board. They usually appear in a sequence of numbers.

Scoring in sci dama?

oo nalang

What are the sci-dama chips?


Illustration of sci dama board?


What are the chips of highschool sci dama?


What does a sci dama board look like?

A sci dama board looks like a chess board, but with symbols on the squares. For a picture, visit the Related Link.

Position of chips in thermo sci-dama?

25% - 50% 70,75,80,85,110,120 degrees Fahrenheit

What are the numbers of the chips in sci dama?

ambot nimo

Sci-dama position of chips?

malay ko ba dyan..................tae mo

How do you play sci dama in third year student?

third year sci damath is also like the other sci damas, it depends on what is your dama topics and the given numbers chips ... 1st yr - electro sci damath 2nd yr. sci. notation 3rd yr. thi. sci damath 4th yr thermo sci damath

What are the chips in electro sci dama?

1kwh, 3kwh, 5kwh, 7kwh, 9kwh, 11kwh, P2, P4, P6, P8, P10, P12... these are the chips of electro sci-dama.