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What is social contract theory?

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The social contract theory holds that in earliest history man lived in a "state of nature." No government existed. Each man was only as secure as his own power and mental awareness could make him. By agreeing with one another to make a state by contract, men within a given area joined together, each surrendering personal freedom as necessary to promote the safety and well being of all. By this contract the members created a government. The social contract gives rights and responsibilities to both the citizenry and the government. For example, in The United States, citizens yield the powers of prosecution of, and punishment for, criminal offenses to the judicial branch of government. The government, for its part, bears the responsibilities of maintaining public safety for the citizens through the police, court systems, correctional facilities, and all supporting structures. Answer The poster above provides an excellent summary. To read first hand about social contract theory, pick up Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes.
A population in a place (territory) gave up power (as needed) to the government to promote the well-being of all. Doing so this created a sovereign state.

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To what extent does Social contract theory are considered as classical democratic theory.?

to what extent does social contract theory are considered to as classicsl democrtic theory?

What is the social contract theory?

Myth The social contract theory is basically a theory saying people traded some of their rights for protection by the government.

According to the social contract theory the contract is?


What was Thomas Hobbes theory?

Social Contract theory

What theory of theory best describes the US?

Social Contract Theory

What was john Locke's theory on social contract?

John Locke's social contract theory was that the government was there to protect the people of the country's rights.

When was the social contract theory written?


Where in the constitution does it list the social contract theory?

The social contract theory is not listed by name in the US Constitution, though it is inferred in the Preamble to the US Constitution.

The theory that states that governments originated with an agreement is the?

social contract theory

What theory of government does limited government comes from?

Social contract theory

Who would be most threatened by the social contract theory?

The most threatened by the social contract theory are those who uphold the divine right theory. A social contract is basically an agreement between the people and the government, while in the divine right theory, the right to rule is supposed to have come directly from God.

What philosopher explained government as a social contract between people and their rules?

Thomas Hobbes is the philosopher that developed Social Contract Theory. John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau are also proponents of Social Contract Theory.

Who did the social contract theorist?

While many Enlightenment philosophers worked within the social contract theory, Jean-Jacques Rousseau wrote The Social Contract.

Identify four theories for the origin of the state?

The natural theory, force theory, divine theory, and social contract theory. All theories exist for the cultural and ideal division that exists.

What theory is based on the premise that the state evolved from the family?

the social contract theory.

Which theory is most closely associated with John Locke?

The social contract theory

A social contract theory of government was proposed by?


Who wrote The Social Contract theory?

John Locke.

How did Rousseau influence democracy?

Social Contract Theory.

Social contract theory is best regarded as a?


What has the author Joe Mahoney written?

Joe Mahoney has written: 'Toward a new social contract theory in strategic management' -- subject(s): Social contract theory

Contrast the social contract theory of government with the divine right theorywhat type of government would result from each theory?

contrast the social contract theory of government with the divine right theory. what type of government would result from each theory?

John Locke's social contract theory?

social contract.........hhhhhmmmmmm...... i think that was a theory that john Locke came up with. :) he believed that the purpose of government was to protect people's rights.

Four theories of the origins of government?

Evolution Theory, Force Theory, Divine Right Theory, Social Contract Theory

What was The Social Contract Theory and who originally used this term?