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Socialism generally refers to an economic system based on public ownership and operation of the means of production (capital goods, assets and production equipment) with ownership vested in either a public body or in the workers who operate the enterprise.

There are several key variants of socialism that can be differentiated based on their economic mechanism (economic planning or market economics), their type of ownership (public ownership or worker's cooperatives), and how goods and services are valued.

Socialism may also refer to political ideologies and movements that have the establishment of socialism as their ultimate goal.

There are a number of different issues socialism seeks to resolve and goals socialism aims to achieve. Among socialism's key goals include:

  • The profits created by industry belong to society and can be used to fund public goods or be distributed among all members of the public;
  • Allowing for self-management within the economy for individuals and workers, granting them greater autonomy and control over their work;
  • The promotion of social equality and equitable use of the profits created by society;
  • Eliminating exploitation caused by private ownership of the means of production, so that one's income is proportional to how much one contributes to society;
  • Eliminating the economic crises, business cycle and unemployment caused by capitalism.

There are different varieties of socialism. In general, they share a desire for egalitarianism, by which they mean equality as the oppurtunity to achieve self-actualization, and not just equality before the law.

Socialism - Economic vs Political

One thing the above gets a bit confused with is that in modern-day academic usage, socialism is mostly an economic idea, not a political idea. When talking about political socialism, usually it is referred to by another name, which specifies how the socialist economic policy is to be implemented; see things like Social democracy, Communism, Leninism and Maoism. Economic socialism by itself says nothing about the way that wealth should be distributed per se - that is, a socialist economy does not have to have one particular form of political system structure.

Commonly, Socialism (with the capital 'S') is a shorthand for Marxism, while socialism (with a lower-case 's') refers to the socialism economic theory.
Socialism means two related things:

An economic system based on social ownership of the means of production, collective-decision making in management, and production organized directly for use. There are several hypothetical versions of socialism, such as market-based socialism, planned economies and decentralized-planning.

Socialism also refers to a political ideology and political movement working toward the establishment of a socialist economy. This might encompass any policies or values held by that movement.
Socialism is where the government owns the industry of the country.
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What is Social Security?

Social Security is benefits provided under the Social Security Act(1935), financed by the Social Security Tax authorized by theFederal Insurance Contributors Act (FICA) and administered by theSocial Security Administration. The term usually refers toretirement income benefits, but other benefits inc ( Full Answer )

What is social science?

Social Sciences are subjects that use research and analysis to explain human behaviour. These subjects include anthropology, psychology, and sociology, history, political science and economics.

What is Social Studies?

Social studies is the study of places and people. Social studiesincludes geography, the continents, bodies of water, latitude,longitude, physical features, and how geography relates tosocieties and people throughout history. Social studies is fun tolearn once you get the hang of it.

What is social class?

Social class is a goup of people with similar backgrounds, incomes and lifestyles. Social class is different concepts which people are put into social categories. When analysing social class you can see there are different concepts social sciences and political theory. In the late 18 th century ( Full Answer )

What is a social phenomenon?

A social phenomenon is anything that influences or is influenced by organisms sufficiently alive to respond to one another. One aspect of Sociology is the study of social phenomenon's. Love is a social phenomenon.

Social institutions are of the socialization process?

agents Built upon decades of experience at the frontiers of history and social science, Charles Tilly's newest book offers innovative methods and approaches applicable in a wide range of disciplines: politics, sociology, anthropology, history, economics, and more. The book covers approaches to ( Full Answer )

What is socialization?

Socialization is interaction in a social group or communityas a life-long process through which from the formative phase tomaturity learn skills and attitudes to function as a member ofsociety. The levels and phases of social interaction are: Primary socialization : learning through eating, hygien ( Full Answer )

What is a socialism?

Socialism is a system of government which treats the well-being of its citizens as a priority. It is a much misunderstood concept which many confuse with communism. In reality, all governments have some socialist policies, such as Canada, Australia, and most European countries ,which have universal ( Full Answer )

What is social?

These are the definitions for social used as an adjective.. Living together in communities. . Of or relating to communal living. . Of or relating to human society and its modes of organization: social classes; social problems; a social issue. . Living together in organized groups or similar ( Full Answer )

What is socialization and social placement function?

These are two functions of the family unit. Socialization is a process of learning (through interaction with others) behaviors which are appropriate and essential for social life. You may have heard someone make the comment "he/she has no social skills" about an individual who has difficulty inter ( Full Answer )

What is social conservatism?

Social conservatives believe in what is commonly associated withfamily values and traditions, and seek to protect those valuesthrough legislation. In the US, they are usually fighting againstsame sex marriage, abortion, and the declining presence ofChristianity in society.

What is social gospel?

Christian faith practiced as a call not just to personal conversionbut to social reform.Social gospel is a Christian faith that practiced as call not justto personal conversion but to social reform.

What is a social norm?

A social norm is an unwritten rule of social behavior. Forinstance, chewing with one's mouth shut or holding a door open forsomeone are common social norms.

What Is social Insurance?

Social insurance is any government -sponsored program with the followingfour characteristics: the benefits , eligibility requirements and otheraspects of the program are defined by statute; explicit provision is made toaccount for the income and expenses (often through a trust fund ); it ( Full Answer )

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The definition of a social evil depends on who, when or where it is defined. The answer to this question can literally fill a book. At first glance it's clear that the word evil must be defined. After that it must be determined if it meets the criteria of social. To validate the last few sentences a ( Full Answer )

What is creeping socialism?

Any move to extend power to the people. . Actually, any move to extend power to the government.

What is the process of socialization?

Socilisations is getting two or more animals used to each other. A good way to socilise animals is allow them to sniff and see ach other but not be able to attack each other. Males and females are usauly easier to socilise together than 2 males. Males may fight for dominance

What is a social?

social is a every place in the country.Example the Canada social,learn about,terrotory,province,and captail city and city.the 10 provinces in the Canada,and three terrotory.=,=

Social interaction and social process?

Social interaction has been the central point of focus of many classical sociologists. Among them are Max Weber who illustrated the interaction element in the social life of people by the well Known examples of opening umbrellas. This focus was further enriched by tale of passions whose whole theory ( Full Answer )

What is a socializer?

1. To place under government or group ownership or control. 2. To make fit for companionship with others; make sociable. 3. To convert or adapt to the needs of society. To take part in social activities.

What is socialization in social studies?

· From a micro sociological perspective, socialization helps us to discover how to behave "properly" and what to expect from others if we follow society's norms and values. · From a macro sociological perspective, socialization provides for the transmission of a culture from one generation ( Full Answer )

Social class and social mobility?

the link between social class and social mobility is social class ia an open system which means people are able to move up and down the social hierarchy resulting in acheiving social mobility but people may also move down the social hierarchy resulting in a lower social class this may occur if a per ( Full Answer )

What is social static and social dynamics?

social static: explains the current stage of society (stable); how society has been maintained without going extinct . social dynamic: how society has changed and its social progress. . example: how republicans become democratic or how democrats become republican

What does socialism do?

Socialism, in its most basic sense, takes the privately owned means of production away from the few, rich capitalists or bourgeoisie, and places them in the public sphere. This does not imply government ownership, but common ownership of the people. All decisions on the direction of the market would ( Full Answer )

Why is social studies not a social science?

Because some of social studies you have to study. I had something called P.O.W ( Person Of the Week) and over the weekend I had to write 10 facts about that person and turn it in. Then my teacher would give us facts to STUDY, then on Friday we took a test.

What is socialize?

It can mean just to mingle and discuss, Like we will socialize at the party. Or it can mean to change thru manipulation (guilt-trip) someone into conforming with others, supposedly the main of society. Thus if you conform to societal pressures you have become socialized.

What is social in social studies?

Well really in social studies you learn about the social interactions between people with other people, their government, their environment, and their geography.

What did the Social Gospel do?

The social Gospel is a protestant christian intellectual movementthat was most prominent in the early 20th century in United Statesand Canada.

What is social-affirmation?

The need of a person to be seen Right by the society in his conduct or manner in regard with what hes doing can be called Social Affirmation.

How socialism is ruled?

One who has control over peoples lives, enforces heavy taxes to support free health care... nothings free! one who supports mass murdur of babies, AKA abortion and tricks people into voting for them when their for their own agenda... An example would be "President" Obama

Social resposibility and social obligation?

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What is socialism about?

Socialism is on the extreme left of the political spectrum. It puts almost all of the power into the government. Opposite of that is fascism. Which puts all of the power in corporations. Socialism--> Liberalism--> Centrist

What are captilism and socialism?

In a nut shell: Socialism and Capitalism are two completely different economic and semi-political systems. Socialism is a sort of twist of Communism; true communism not Marxism which is what Russia, China, and several other countries claimed to be during WW2. Capitalism is a system that runs ( Full Answer )

What is a social aspect?

To need the concept of the social features we to keep in mind thatthe mobility, economy and security are also to understand social.But to facilitate, we distinguish social functions as a separatecategory sentence, which will be described from a sociological andpsychological perspective.

What is a social premium?

In the Fair Trade system, social and economic development is made possible through an additional payment producer cooperatives receive called the Fair Trade Social Premium. This social premium is an additional sum of money above the Fair Trade minimum price, which is paid directly to producer groups ( Full Answer )

What was the social question?

An expression common in the 1830s that reflected a widely shared concern about the effects of industrialization and urbanization on the fabric of social life.

Why is it bad not to socialize?

It really depends on the type of person. Some people prefer to be alone and that's not necessarily bad. However if you don't socialise you will become lonely and introverted and is likely to make you depressed. In the world of work you have to be able to socialise with others and so bad social skill ( Full Answer )

What are the social responsibilities of social media?

The responsibilities are no different than "offline" social media. In its purest form, the term "Social Media" is: Content delivered through social interaction that excites others to repeat." When you look at all the craze around facebook, or twitter, those are all just tools. they are not social ( Full Answer )

What is social coordination in social psychology?

A cluster, crowd, or throng; an assemblage, either of persons or things, collected without any regular form or arrangement; as, a group of men or of trees; a group of isles.

I have trouble being social how are you social?

im nice to people and i listen to them then i talk to them and we make jokes and talk about law and order special victims unit and with girls i tlak about who they like and clothes

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Are social games good for you to socialize?

Yes, But it really depends on you if your shy with people you don't know then it wouldn't be good to play on any online social games but if it s the other way around then you should be fine just be careful with liars like people who lie about their age, gender, location, etc. And you should probably ( Full Answer )

Why do people socialize on social media?

Different people do socialization on social media for different purposes like some are doing it for increasing their niche network of people, some are doing for brand and their own popularity on the social media.

Are you social?

we are all social, enjoying the companionship of others - but then there are exeptions

What is socialism-?

Socialism is the idea that goods and means of achieving those goodsshould be regulated by a collective community.

How can i be social?

Start small. Make a list of 3-5 people that know. Be pleasant andtry to learn something new about them. Try to be a good listener.