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What is some basic information on Malaysia?

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Malaysia is a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi religious country in South East Asia. It is predominantly Muslim, but the constitution protects the followers of the other faiths, to practice their beliefs freely. The three main races are Malays, Indians and Chinese. They generally live in harmony, and the country is emerging out of 3rd World to 2nd World. In fact as industry booms in Malaysia, many parts look extremely futuristic. This is then juxtuposed with very dirty slums. A very interesting country.

Malaysia's main export used to be tin and rubber, but petroleum, oil palm and electronics goods have replaced tin and rubber as the main export commodities.

Increasingly, inbound tourism is becoming a major earner for Malaysia's economy. and tourists arrivals for 2007 is forecasted to reach 22million by the year end, a growth of almost 15% largely as a result of aggressive promotions by the Malaysia Government during this "Visit Malaysia Year 2007"

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