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Each person should get what is most important to them. So, if your mom really cares so much about the flowers, she gets to make the decision but doesn't get the final word on other areas. (This can work if you are dealing with the opinions of one or both sets of parents, or even just between the two of you.) It really helps the decision process because you don't have to argue and can focus on the joy of the wedding itself. Also - sit down and make a list right away of all the things you will need to do. Major and minor - write everything down, then develop a time plan of when each thing will need to be done, and who is in charge.

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Q: What is some basic wedding planning advice or tips?
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What are some well known wedding planning websites?

There are many good wedding planning websites. Some of the most well known wedding planning websites include WedSimple, Wedding Window, and Wed Quarters.

What are some places for a wedding planning guide?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. One of the most popular wedding planning sites and guides can be found at The Knot. Also available are My Wedding and Throw a Great Wedding.

What are some good wedding planning classes?

Wedding Planning Institute, which is a division of St. Petersburg College. I have read nothing but great reviews on their wedding planning courses.

How long to wedding plasnners have to go to college?

Actually, a wedding planner is not required to go to college. It would look better to have some sort of experience in planning on your resume and many community colleges offer low cost classes to teach the basic skills required in wedding planning.

What are the steps in planning?

the first step in planning is to develop some basic assumption

How to plan a wedding-?

Planning a wedding can be hard are simple depending on the size and what the person wants. The easiest wedding would be a back yard wedding with candles and chairs with some ribbon.

Are there good books on wedding planning?

Yes, there are.Planning a wedding can be great fun but can also be a very stressful time. Ask any woman who has ever planned a wedding, either her own or someone else�s, and then you will know the true extent of the effort and time involved in planning a wedding.But even with all the stress involved, almost all weddings manage to take place without any major glitches, sometimes not because of but despite our planning. �grin�.There are a lot of ways to get help with wedding planning. One great way that is also not too expensive is � books on wedding planning. Here are some good books for those who need some assistance in planning a wedding.Wedding Etiquette from Emily Post: This is a great book for those planning a wedding and gives a traditional perspective to a traditional event.The Knot, Complete guide to Weddings in the Real World: This is another good book that gives a more modern perspective to wedding planning.The Ultimate Wedding Idea Book; 1001 Creative Ideas To Make Your Wedding Fun, Romantic & Memorable by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick: This book could well be your one-stop-book for planning a great wedding.Your Perfect Wedding by Cathy Bouchard: As the name suggests; the perfect book for the perfect wedding.

What are some good wedding planning sites?

You should check out Kiss Wedding for some wonderful fall wedding ideas. Also you should visit the websites Intimate Weddings and Weddng Decorations.

What does it mean when you dream you're planning a wedding for someone who is already married?

Planning a wedding means planning a tie up. The guy is already married that means he is already having some plans. This means you are trying to change up his plans.

What are some companies that provide Christmas wedding planning services?

There are a few companies that offer Christmas wedding planning services at a reasonable price. Some popular companies are The Garden on Mill Brook, Outer Banks and also Absolute Perfection.

How can you get a free wedding planner sent to yourself?

Buy a bridal magazine. Quite often they have wedding planners inside them. Also there are some good resources for wedding planning online.

What are some tips for planning a wedding at home?

Some tips for planning a wedding at home might be to do what one really wants. Take a look at the number of guests invited, and decide what kind of setting is favorable. Formal or informal makes a lot of difference.

Are there worksheets for wedding planning?

Yes, there are.A wedding is one occasion that requires a great deal of planning as there are so many things, small and big, that need to be taken care of before a wedding. And on such occasions, amidst all the fun and excitement, it can be very easy to overshoot your budget. Thus it is important that you have some way to help you keep everything organized and well planned. Worksheets for wedding planning can help you with this.Using a worksheet is an excellent way to keep track of all the details pertaining to wedding planning. From the guest list, to the seating arrangement, to the thank-you notes, to your budget; everything can be managed efficiently with the use of wedding worksheets. You can download different types of worksheets from the internet or you can buy some wedding books that will include all types of worksheets and planners to make your wedding planning easier. Some of the available books with good worksheets are:Your Perfect Wedding PlannerEasy Wedding Planner, Organizer, and KeepsakeThe Wedding Sourcebook Planner You can use Microsoft Excel to organize the items needed also.

What are the names of some companies in Toronto Ontario that offer financial planning advice?

Some companies in Toronto, Ontario that offer financial planning advice include Stewart & Kett Financial Advisors Inc, GN Financial Group, and Sun Life Financial.

Should you wear a Dress or Skirt to a wedding?

Shopping for wedding dresses is an exciting time for any bride to be and for some can also be a challenging part of the planning of your big day.

Are there classes on wedding planning?

Classes on Wedding PlanningYes, there are. A wedding planning business can be a very lucrative one in today's times when most people just don't have the time to plan their own weddings. To become a wedding planner, there are many classes and training courses that you can take that will teach you all that there is to know about the wedding planning business.Many online training programs and wedding planning courses are available which you can take from the convenience of your home. With these distance learning programs on wedding planning, you will not have to worry about missed classes and can complete the class on your own terms and in your own time.Your local training centers may also have various wedding planning classes that you can take advantage of the get practical and hands-on training in wedding planning.Points to consider include:How long is the workshop - can you really learn everything you need to know in just one or two days?!Where is the class situated - are you going to have to travel some distance to attend?When is it held - have you missed the start date already, or can you really commit to attending for certain dates when you have other personal commitments?Is it confidential? Do you really want to share your own business ideas with a class full of other people who will eventually be your competitor in this area?It is a good idea to take wedding planning classes if you are planning to become a wedding planner. Along with giving you the requisite expertise, you may also be certified as a professional wedding planner which will help you tremendously when you start your own business.

What are some important things to know regarding planning a wedding in Las Vegas?

You need to know the costs of the wedding planner and have an idea on what your budget will be. Also make sure you have a decent venue.

What is a good wedding shower gift?

A nice tote bag which can be used during the wedding planning process and to take on the honeymoon. See some at in the bridal shower section. Good luck!

What are some benefits of wedding photography?

Wedding photography is a must in my opinion. When you are going through the big day you are going to want to remember it with photographs. After all the time you put in to planning, and all the money you spend, you better get some pictures of it.

What are the shortest high heel shoes to wear with a wedding dress?

I'm no fashion expert, but on my wedding day I wore wedding slippers. They were perfect for a whole day on your feet. Here's a link to some other suggestions.

What to major in for wedding planning?

I would major in hospitality--some schools are really known for this major. I believe Syracuse university has a great program .

Ideas for wedding day?

Picking the right wedding ideas for you can be extremely challenging. Here are some wedding ideas and tips to help you pick and plan your dream wedding : 1. Look for inspiration in different aspects of your life to get the right wedding ideas. 2. If your wedding ideas involve a particular theme, use that to coordinate different aspects of your wedding. 3. Remember to slow down and enjoy the wedding planning processes and all of your great wedding ideas.

What are some requirements for owning your own business for a wedding planner?

you need money to start your buiessness. And you will need to know how to run a buiesness, and a lot about weddings. the average amount to start a wedding planning buiesness is about 2,600.

What are some of the duties of the maid of honor?

The duties of the maid of honor are given by the bride-to-be. These duties may include; organizing a wedding shower, planning a bachelorette party, and preparing the bride's makeup and gown for the wedding day.

Are mother of the grooms always left out before the wedding?

Not at all. I had my mother-in-law deal with the rehearsal dinner (she really wanted to plan) and also took her advice for the wedding/reception. Some groom's mothers don't want to be involved until the wedding (they like to be surprised).