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You need to have a positive attitude and always look them in the eyes. Dress very well. Speak clearly and without any slang. Use a firm handshake and keep good eye contact. Let them know you're dependable and serious about doing good work. When you fill out an application well, you will have lots to talk about at the interview. Before you apply, fill out a sample application from any job site, so that you have your phone numbers, addresses and so on in a good, readable form to bring with you. This will help you fill out the application in less time than recreating the information each time. Put a list of additional skills (I.e. computer programs you know, typing if you can, and other business skills you may have), contact phone and addresses for your references, and a list of the same for any volunteer jobs (selling candy, etc. for school or organizations). I keep a few books of interview questions to read the night before. They will also expect you to be able to ask a few questions about the job--I never can remember these, so I write them down and refer to my list! If you have a resume, bring a copy of that along to the interview. Good luck! Most jobs available to teenagers are low paying, often physically demanding and dead-end with little or no future. Donot become so desparate for money that you are over eager to please someone offering only chump change by the hour and accept such time and energy wasting garbage. These types of low level jobs tend to lead nowhere, are tiring and distracting. They can also destroy your grades at school. Aim higher from the start. First, try to think in terms of the "big picture" of where are you going now, even if you are not sure, then later in college and far beyond afterward. You want be a little daring here and imagine that if all your dreams came true and you could become absolutely anything, what might that be. Forget about the barriers, complexity or difficulty of entry into almost any worthy field for now. Do not depend on friends to guide you. Think for yourself. Be very selective who you listen to. Model yourself after only the very best and brightest people in your class, and no one else. Never hangout with losers. They are destined to have awful low paying jobs they hate, for all their adulthood and lead rotten, unhappy lives in most cases. Instead you want real career in something great where the "work/reward ratio" is much higher than average,meaning the biggest money possible for the least work possible, to maximize the ultimate results of your lifetime efforts and is also doing something that means a lot to you personally, your tastes, passions, likes and dislikes so you will be happy at what you do as well, because it has deep meaning for you. You are likely confused about these things right now. Don't worry. Just start to sample various worthwhile professions in reality, outside of school, instead of falling into a stupid, typical high school grunt job. You do not have to make a big commitment. For now you are merely testing different waters for maybe a semester at a time. And sample a whole bunch of things. How? If for you dream "doctor" for example, it would be better to intern for free or work for one in almost any minor supporting role or to just come in to observe, to gain meanful insight. Or volunteer at a hospital to learn the ropes. They always need people. Do not worry about the money for now. If you call 20 doctors at random and explain your goal, some of them will help you or tell you where you might go to start. Likewise, you can use the same strategy to enter law, business, music, broadcasting, Wall St., major sports, high tech or whatever you think might be interesting. Or perhaps you turn a favorite hobby or passion into a valuable career. If you do lean towards one of the professions, look up the online catalogs for only top 10 ranked post-college graduate schools now, to begin to grow a sense of what the deal is, how to get in and what might it be like. If one is near-by, go there and walk around inside. Ask people questions. Don't be afraid. Sit in classes. Go to the admissions department and ask meet with someone. What do they want to admit you down the road? And keep in touch with them over time later, if you come to feel this is what you really want. Most people in life aim too low and screw themselves. Don't be one of them.

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Q: What is some good advice for a 16-year-old going to a job interview?
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