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Some clarinetists have abs from playing the Clarinet, because of the way they have to blow.

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Q: What is some physical fitness of playing the clarinet?
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you dont need much phsical exercise to play the clainet, you just need to know how to play it.

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Does the clarinet sound higher than the flute?

It depends on the note you are playing. Some notes are higher on the flute even if you are playing the same note on the clarinet and vice-versa.

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Can Taylor Swift play clarinet?

Clearly she has some idea On how to play because as a clarinet player you can hold the clarinet to your left while you aren’t playing. It’s just not recommended

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Is it hard to switch from Bb clarinet to bass clarinet?

They both use the same fingerings, and you might have to change you mouth position a little. I think it is not hard. I've done it and it just takes some getting used to. Make sure you've got enough support though. It takes a lot more air than the Clarinet does. its hard switching after playing the soprano clarinet for a long time. You also use more air playing the bass clarinet.

What are some clarinet music'?

The most famous clarinet works are the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and all the Weber Concertos.