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"Bay Stater" is one possibility. "Bostonian" also has a pretty wide spread. And "New Englander" takes in the six-state territory that includes Massachusetts.

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If someone from Texas is a Texan what do you call someone from Kansas or Massachusetts?

A person from Kansas is a Kansan. The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk. Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters

What is Massachusetts song?

Massachusetts song is called ALL HAIL MASSACHUSETTS

Colony of Massachusetts?

It was called the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Are groundhogs in Massachusetts?

There are animals in Massachusetts called Woodchucks that are called Groundhogs in other parts of the country.

Does Massachusetts have a state song?

yes Massachusetts has a state song it is called "All Hail To Massachusetts."

Why were the patriots in Massachusetts called minutemen?

Because their militia was so fast that when someone needed their help it felt like they got their in a minute.

Massachusetts colony is now called what?

You're kidding right? Massachusetts...

If someone was born in Lincoln County before 1820 do you list their place of birth as Maine or Massachusetts?


What are the citizens of Massachusetts called?

We are called "Bay Staters."

What was the Government of the Massachusetts colony?

Massachusetts was a constitutional monarchy and many called them a commonwealth.

When was Massachusetts as a colony settled?

someone answer please now

Will Cody Simpson date someone from Massachusetts?

Maybe :^)

How did the colony of Massachusetts get its nickname?

Massachusetts got its name because of Massachusetts Bay. Therefore it is now called the Bay State.

If you live in Massachusetts what are you called?


What are Massachusetts residents called?


What are the counties called in Massachusetts?


What are Massachusetts residents are called?

Either "Residents of Massachusetts" or the more colloquial "Mass-holes"

What is Massachusetts state tree called?

It is called American Elm.

How were the governments of Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut different?

Massachusetts Bay colony was ruled by a governor while Connecticut had an adopted plan of union called the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, a written constitution, or plan of government. -by someone else who had this for homework ;3

Where can one get auto insurance in Massachusetts?

There are many places where someone in Massachusetts can get auto insurance. One way would be by calling Progressive, or visiting their website. Geico's website and phone number is another way someone in Massachusetts could get auto insurance.

Who found the massachusetts colony?

Someone and you need to know this question!

Why should someone move to Massachusetts colony?

Cause of your mom (:

What colony is associated with the General Court?

Massachusetts. That's why it's called the General Court of Massachusetts.

How many congressmen in Massachusetts?

As of the 2000 Census, Massachusetts had 10 Representatives (formerly called "congressmen".)

Was Maine one of the original thirteen colonies?

It was part of Massachusetts, called the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

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