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If someone from Texas is a Texan what do you call someone from Kansas or Massachusetts?

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A person from Kansas is a Kansan.

The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk.

Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters

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What do you call someone from Texas?

Someone from Texas is a Texan.

If someone from Texas is a Texan what do you call someone from South Dakota?

South Dakotan

How many states end in the letter S?

5 states end in s. Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Arkansas, and Massachusetts.

Who was the first Texan to become the president of the US?

Lyndon John son was the first Texan President, born , raised, and buried in Texas. Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas but could hardly be called a Texan since he and his family moved to Kansas when he was one and he never again lived in Texas.

If a person from Kansas is a Kansan and a person from Texas is a Texan is a person from Idaho an Idahoer?

No, a person from Idaho is an Idahoan.

What is the adjective for Texas?

Texan is the adjective for Texas.

Is someone from Texas called a Texan?

Yes or even Tex or if Hispanic perhaps Tejano would be preferred.

What do you call a resident of Texas?

A Texas resident is a Texan .

US states that end in the letter 's'?

Arkansas Kansas Illinois Massachusetts Texas

What is the proper adjective of Texas?

Texan "He once crossed the Texan prairies on horseback."

What do you call a person from Texas?

A Texan.

What is a person from Texas called?

A Texan

Us president called tall texan?

Only two presidents were born in Texas, Eisenhower and Johnson. Eisenhower, while born in Texas, was raised in Kansas, so your best guess would be LBJ.

How do you say are you from Texas in Spanish?

¿Eres Tejano? = Are you Texan? ¿Eres de Texas? = Are you from Texas?

Is Texas a proper adjective?

No, Texas is a proper noun. The proper adjective for Texas is Texan.

Who were the first natives in Texas?

the Texan Indians

What would you call a Texas person?

A Texan.

How close is Texas to Kansas?

Texas is very close in proximity to Kansas. Texas is in fact a neighboring state to Kansas. Kansas is just Northeast of Texas.

What are some quotes that people say about Texas?

* All Hat and No Cattle. * A Texan is an Okie that can't swim. * A Texan is a Mexican that can wade. * Don't mess with Texas

How did the Missouri-Kansas-Texas railroad influence Kansas?

How did the Missouri-Kansas-Texas influence Kansas?

What Texan created the Texas Rangers?

In 1823 Texan Stephen F. Austin formed the Texas Rangers. He organized the Rangers into two companies for the common defense of Texas. Later in US history the Rangers gained fame as an elite law enforcement group.

What is the importance of the texan independence?

it is when Texas got its indepentce.

What font is used for the university of Texas?

Texan text.

How do you spell Texan in Spanish?

tejano de Texas

What is the way to say Texas in a proper adjective?