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The biggest city in the US state of New Jersey, Newark is situated at the heart of Gateway Region about 8 miles west of Manhattan. It covers 26 miles and has a population of 278,154 as of 2008.

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Flight Times
Newark New Jersey

How long does it take to fly from Newark New jersey to Minneapolis Minnesota?

Departure point: Newark, New Jersey

Destination point: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Estimated flight duration: 2 hours, 1 minute

Entertainment & Arts
Tobacco and Tobacco Products
Newark New Jersey

How do you obtain a tobacco license in New Jersey?

u go 2 the police department and t8k a test under19 not allowed to t8k the the test

Train Travel
Newark New Jersey

Is it possible to get from Newark to Morristown by rail?

yes, you can get there... holla!

Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters
Newark New Jersey

Street names with letter k in Newark NJ?

E. Kinney St.

Franklin St.

Hawkins St.

Jackson St.

Komorn St.

Kossuth St.

Market St.

Norfolk St.

Polk St.

Pulaski St.

Apartments and Home Rentals
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Newark New Jersey

What rights do you have as a renter?

Renter's Rights

  • Different states have different laws regarding your rights a a renter. I suggest searching google for your+rights+as+a+renter Add the state you live in to the search, and you should find the most relevant answers.
  • You might want to consider one of these books. "Renters' Rights (Quick & legal)" by Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart and "Every Tenant's Legal Guide" by Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart.


In general, you should have a safe, clean place to live in return for paying rent. Appliances should work, plumbing should be reliable, electric/gas should work, there should not be any mold, bedbugs and other pests should be managed, and so on. You also have to obey rules - number of people, pets, noise level - as written in the lease. Keep copies of checks or moneyorders you pay to the landlord - never use cash. Take pictures of the apartment as you move into it. Then, if something happens you have recourse. When you move out, make sure you get an in-person inspection.

Newark New Jersey
Jet Blue Airlines

What terminal at Newark Airport is Jet Blue at?

Terminal A for departures

Mobile Phones
Calling and Area Codes
Newark New Jersey

Where in North America is area code 973?

Area code 973 is used in Northern New Jersey (Morris, Sussex Counties), including Newark and Morristown. Area code 862 is an overlay on the same communities.

The telephone country code for the USA (plus Canada and 18 Caribbean-ish islands) is +1.

(The plus sign means "insert your international access prefix here." From a GSM mobile phone, you can enter the number in full international format, starting with the plus sign. The most common prefix is 00, but Japan uses 010, Australia uses 0011, and many other countries use different prefixes.)

Sales and Customer Service
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Newark New Jersey

Does Shiseido Cosmetice still have a warehouse sale in NJ?

Shiseido does still have a warehouse sale in New Jersey, but it is now a ticketed event and you can only get a ticket through a friend or family member who works for Shiseido. They are also getting more strict about purchasing limits and they watch for persons who seem to be buying for the purpose of reselling.

New York City
Newark New Jersey

What airlines fly between Newark NJ and Rochester NY?

Continental Express.

Law & Legal Issues
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Colleges and Universities
Newark New Jersey

Can a person convicted of a felony in New Jersey teach school?

no. i don't know of government agencies hiring felons. if they don't do a background check then you may get hired.


I would have thought it depends on the nature of the conviction ! Obviously - someone convicted of crimes against children should automatically be rejected. However, a person convicted of (for example) a traffic offence - shouldn't be automatically barred from teaching. Everyone's circumstances are different - and the nature of the conviction shouldn't prevent a person from teaching unless they're an obvious threat to their pupils.

Salary and Pay Rates
Criminal Law
New Jersey
Newark New Jersey

Can a corrections officer do motor vehicle stops in New Jersey?

In a word no, they are not law enforcement officers or authorized under Ttitle 39 and have no training in motor vehicle law.

Car Selling
Sales Tax
Newark New Jersey

How do you get dealer licens in NJ?

One thing I believe a little unique in get a dealers lisc. you must own/lease a property that is zoned & qualified for selling vehicles. To some degree, the lisc. comes with it. I have heard of some car lots that basically work like a group antique dealer...where you rent a portion of the lot from the primary and essentially run your own business from there...(search in some of the trade papers and business ops section of paper)...I gather you either work under the primary lisc or it qualifies for you to get your own.

Newark New Jersey

How much are tolls from NJ to PA?

Depends where from in NJ

tolls from Jersey City to Kutztown/ Allentown area 3 tolls $1.60 if you take the 78 over the 1/9 in Newark, .75 when entering PA.

Going Back to NYC NJ toll at $1.60 and Holland Tunnel at $8

New Jersey
Atlantic City
Newark New Jersey

What are the work permit requirements for 14 year olds in Jersey City New Jersey?

Working papers, available at your school, are required at the age of 14.

Distances and Travel Times
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Newark New Jersey

What is the taxi fare from Newark Airport to Newark Penn Station?

From EWR to Newark Penn Station:

Taxi - Estimated Fare & Tip: $16.18

Estimated using Newark, NJ taxi rates. The trip is 4.4 mi and will take 10 mins. This fare estimate includes a 15% tip, as is customary in this region.

AirTrain + NJT Train - $7.75

New Jersey Transit Bus Route #62- $1.35

Criminal Law
New Jersey
Atlantic City
Newark New Jersey

How can you find arrest reports for June 26 2007 in Jersey City New Jersey?

by looking in the newspaper in the crime section of that date

Flight Times
Newark New Jersey

How long is the flight from Newark to Sydney?

It all depends on where you have the stopover, which depends on what airline you fly.

Most often you'll have the stopover in Los Angeles or San Franscisco, California. The flight from Newark, New Jersey, (or JFK, New York) to those destinations in California are about 5 hours. From there - direct to Sydney, Australia - can be a bit over 14 hours. The stopover itself could be as little as two hours or much longer. It differs with the specific flight schedule you've booked.

Sometimes there is a second stopover between California and Sydney, which would most likely be in Auckland, New Zealand. Again, it depends on the airline. These answers only show if the plane has a perfect flight. On very rare occasions during the flight, the plane might have to stop because the engine is not working perfectly or some other airline problems.

New Jersey
Newark New Jersey

Is Newark the capital of New Jersey?

No, it is trenton!

Newark New Jersey
Urban Slang

If someone from Texas is a Texan what do you call someone from Kansas or Massachusetts?

A person from Kansas is a Kansan.

The nickname for a Kansan is a Jayhawk.

Massachusetts is called the Baystate Some people use Baystaters

Newark New Jersey

What do you call someone from Massachusetts?

== == The new official term for a Massachusetts native is Massachusett. This pays homage to the indigenous people of the land who called themselves the Massachusetts (singular: Massachusett)

"Well, here are all the options I've found. Massachusian with 70 hits in Google seems to be the most frequently used of the morphs of the state name....but among these, Bay Stater is the expression more frequently used. I think "resident of Massachusetts" beats them all for frequency of use. ;o)) Bay Stater, Massachusite, Massachusian, Massachusettser, Massachusetter, Massachusettean Local perspective: The answer depends on your geographical and psycological point of view. Outside of MA, we are frequenly called Massholes, particularly by the gracious folk of New Hampster. The term Bay Stater is favored by our happier residents, and in particular our media mavens, because it is so much easier to prounounce than Massachusettser, etc. Malcontent residents might be more inclined to refer to us as Taxachusettsers.

== ==

Job Training and Career Qualifications
New Jersey
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Newark New Jersey

What is the best wedding planning school in new jersey?

Allow me to recommend another route: Volunteer to help with one or more local wedding planners to learn the business. They get free help, you get both training and experience. Good luck!

Air Miles
Newark New Jersey

What is the distance between Toronto and San Francisco?

By Air: Toronto, ON (YTO) to San Francisco, CA (SFO) Shortest Flight Duration 5 hours 21 mins By Car: 4,240 km (about 1 day 14 hours) Straight line: 2276 miles (3664 km)

TV Programming and Commercials
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Saw a recent episode of Cops. Really enjoyed a Passaic County New Jersey corporal named Anthony Damiano.Is he still affiliated with the Passaic County Sheriff's. Dept.?

Yes he still works for the PCSD he is a Sgt. and second in command in the Anti-Crime Division..

New Jersey
Newark New Jersey

What is population of largest city in New Jersey?

The top 10 cities by population in New Jersey according to

1 Newark 278,980

2 Jersey City 241,114

3 Paterson 145,643

4 Elizabeth 124,755

5 Edison 99,706

6 Toms River 92,300

7 Trenton 82,883

8 Camden 79,383

9 Brick Township 78,419

10 Clifton 78,219

New Jersey
Atlantic City
Newark New Jersey

What are some places to visit in New Jersey?

  • The Grease Trucks in New Brunswick NJ
  • The Raconteur in Metuchen NJ
  • Meadowlands Stadium and Atlantic City.
  • Cape May
  • Trenton
  • battleship New Jersey
  • Liberty Park
  • Liberty Science Center
  • NJ Performing Arts Center (PAC)
  • Atlantic City
  • Wildwood
  • Andro's Diner in Newark, where Chris Christie once consumed 55 glazed donuts in 18 minutes while simultaneously ordering another 75% cut in public education and muttering something about "useless public transportation".

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