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What is specific objective?

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specific objectives is to specify what realy you want to concetrate with or what you want to do, show the main point you are focusing to.

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Specific objective of community health nursing?

what is specific objective in the community

What isgeneral and specific objective of physical education?

waht isgeneral objective of physical education ?

Specific to objective of curriculum?

Learning target

What are the specific objective of car rental?


What is your carrier objective?

Your career objective should be informed by the specific goals that you intend to achieve in a particular career path. This should be advised by the specific achievements and ambitions that you have.

What are the SMART objectives of Tesco?

smart objective is a problem with some objective that they are not very clear or specific to get your aims

What is macroeconomics variables and objective?

Insertion at the specific position

What is hypochondriasis?

Hypochondriasis is the belief that you have a specific illness for which no objective evidence can be found.

What is the definition of space missions?

Flights into space to carry out a specific objective.

What is the definition of a random pattern?

Having no specific pattern, purpose, or objective

How do you write an objective for a homemaker?

As a homemaker. your objective will include specific things you have mastered while at home. The key is to relate them specifically with the needs of the company.

What do employers learn from a resume's objective?

Theoretically, they learn an applicant's career goal, but many applicants will tailor the objective to the specific job they are applying for.

Why Profit maximization can never be the objective of a firm?

Profit maximization IS an objective of a firm, but its not the ONLY objective. A firm will have different long term and short term goals which will vary depending on the current business cycle. If you need a more specific answer, please ask a more specific question. - Stavka

What are the main objectives of motivation?

The objective of motivation is to achieve specific set goals.

What is an example of cognitive behavioral objective?

one of the cognitive behavioral objective that you can use is "identify" which referring to look at for something that you want to learn in a specific manner.

What are the differences between general objective to specific objectives?

they sound and r spelt differently.....

Objective of descriptive and exploratory research?

The objective of descriptive and explanatory research is provide information why certain things are done in a specific way. The other purpose is to provide information.

This module's objective area of study is?

Reading a drama and demonstrating knowledge of specific literary terms.

What is an strategical objective?

a strategic objective is an objective that is in alignment with the overall strategic direction of the organisation which is in turn in line with it's mission and vision. Objectives should always be SMART which means Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely or time constrained.

What is a good objective statement when applying for a job in restaurant?

If you desire to work in a restaurant, your objective should include customer service and interaction. Then, you will need to create an objective that is specific to the position you desire, such as a chef, cook, wait staff, host, manager, etc.

What is the main objective of multivariate statistics analysis?

The main objective of multivariate statistics analysis is to provide information to companies who need that specific information. This method gives a good overview of information.

What is a medical assistants objective?

To assist in all primary and secondary objectives according to specific training and guidelines.

What is marks and Spencers SMART objective?

Specific - To make sure that the business has the right mind set of what they want to do

The immediate objective of evaluating your market research results is to select a specific supplier to meet your requirement?


What is An IA Control?

An objective IA condition of integrity, availability, or confidentiality achieved through the application of specific safeguards.