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What is stewing?


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STEWING combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in water or other water based liquid,typically by simmering,and that are then served without being drained.


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a stewing rod is a piece of rod that is used to season meat for stewing.

Stewing is a slow method of cooking.

Between grilling and stewing, chuck would be best for stewing. The fat in the meat is perfect for making stews.

Advantages of stewing include cooking down the toughness of certain food ingredients, and that stewing is easily large enough for a whole family. Disadvantages of stewing include turning certain ingredients into mush over cooking time, and that stewing may take too long for someone who doesn't have the time.

Stewing is braising. Typically, we say "stewing" when the meat is cut into chunks, and "braising" when it's left in a whole, large piece--like pot roast.

Not really, a stewing hen is usually an old bird that requires a lot of slow cooking, otherwise the meat will not be tender, if you try to bake or roast it the meat will be tough, that's why they are called 'stewing' hens.

According one website beef for stewing is 220 calories per 3 oz serving.

I think stewing is lower temperature and longer time, and boiling is higher temperature and shorter time.

Stewing - or cooking - should reduce the number of the vegetative cells of spoilage organisms. Some will likely survive.

Stewing is bringing something to a boil, then reducing heat and cooking it low and long. This makes meat in particular more tender.

To slowly boil something.

The cast of Stewing - 2013 includes: Louise Davidson Kerr as Nun Cole Matthews as Theif

You shouldn't use a pan, you should use a pot. A large pot preferably. Depending on what you're stewing, of course.

Anagrams for 'westing' are 'stewing' and 'twinges'.

Grilling is normally done over an open flame. Stewing is cooking in liquid. Most foods can be cooked with either method. The choice will depend on what the desired results are.

Braising and stewing are both moist heat methods of cooking. However, stewing typically involves uniform pieces of meat (or vegetable) that is covered by liquid where braising has a large piece of meat that has liquid covering 1/2 or more of the item, but it's not covered by liquid.

Braising is first searing the meat, and then letting it simmer on low heat while partially covered in liquid. The main difference with stewing is that it is cooked in enough liquid to cover, and is not necessarily browned first.

Stewing/Baking Hen - a mature laying hen 10 months to 1 1/2 years old. Since the meat is less tender than young chickens, it's best used in moist cooking such as stewing.

A stewing hen refers to an old hen, usually over one year old. They tend to become tough as they age. The meat can become stringy if it is not cooked for a very long time.

stewing strewing sewing rueing suing queing, Pewing (PEW PEW)

Pickling, stewing, grilling, pan-frying, stir-frying

Stewing apples releases acids in a?æform very similiar to vinegar. Vinegar has been a long time acidic cleanser for all sorts of surfaces. So it proves to be with an aluminum sauce pan.?æ?æ

"Wet heat " are these methods: braising, stewing, poaching, simmering, steaming and boiling.

300 ounces = 18 pounds 12 ounces.

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