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What is stress caused by?



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Well actually alot of things can cause stress. yes madness is one of them. believe it or not there is actually all kinds of stress being stressed over different things i believe it depends on the situation. if you'r stress about something stupid then well i say just get over it no biggy but now if its something serious try and get through like u can but anyways the things that cause stress is. being mad, getting you'r period, things that are happening around u, peer pressure. or when u have done something wrong and u know u wern't supposed to do that can cause stress sometimes to. And sometimes there might be someone around u that u don't like and they tend to get u mad or fustrated or anxious to get away u might be stressed. but that's if u just let that person get to you
Its a natural thing your body gets such as sad or happy is a basic emotion.