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Q: What is substantial hardship What does it mean What is a definition of substantial hardship?
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What is substantial hardship?

Substantial hardship is a large issues that causes stress. For example losing one's job and being unable to pay the mortgage would be a substantial hardship.

What is the Definition of adversity?

Difficulty, hardship.

What is a one word definition for the word hardship?


What is the word to the definition to cause to suffer to inflict hardship on?


What is the word for to cause to suffer to inflict hardship on?

Persecute. A better answer for this definition.

What are Exmaples of hardship mean?

Hardship is the time that a person pass in his life that was full of bad things

What does inflicted mean?

To impose punishment or hardship

What is the definition of substantial effort?

A substantial effort is a serious attempt, an investment of some significant amount of work toward whatever objective is being attempted.

What does to cause to suffer or to inflict hardship on mean?

Basically, to harm or hurt. Hardship, when caused or inflicted by someone else is harm or hurt.

What is hardship in Tagalog?

The word "hardship" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "kapagalan", "kahirapan".

What does rugged mean?

rugged means full of hardship and trouble

What does nec aspera terrent mean?

And they fear not hardship Also "Hardship does not deter" Royal Air Force Medical Branch badge wording.

What does definition mean What does definition mean?

Definition is a precise meaning of something.

What does substantial mean?

It means "having substance". That can imply that it is heavy or bulky or just large. When someone offers something "at a substantial discount" they mean the discount will be big.

What does the black on the Jamaican flag mean?

it did mean the hardship of the people but it was changed to the strength and creativity of the people

What do you mean by tolerance?

Tolerance means to bear pain or hardship with patience.

What does considerable mean?

something of value. a substantial amount.

What does 'considerable' mean?

DEFINITION: Able to be considered; something of value; a substantial amountSENTENCES:1. The job offer was considerable for me.2. The money I got for my birthday was a considerable quantity.

Where can you find sample hardship letters?

What do you mean by hardship letters?AnswerWriting hardship letters to a mortgage company. AnswerYou can find an example hardship letter at these web sites: letterplease someone send me a sample of a hardship letter, my mortgage company is requesting one. im a getting behind with my monthly payments. thank-you carlos Gomez

What is the hardship of a disciple?

dicipline hardship

What is does adversity mean?

Adversity means a state of hardship or affliction; also misfortune.

What is domicile?

The official definition for the word domicile is "the country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with."

What is a sentence for hardship?

Walking home was a hardship. Many people face hardship all their life.

What does the word hardship mean?

n. # Extreme privation; suffering. # A cause of privation or suffering.

What is a hardship?

A hardship is when someone has struggling and what obstacles were they facing.