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clothes. dark clothes.

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What are the best item of clothing to wear on a funeral?

The best item of clothing to wear to a funeral is something black.

Why to wear clothing to ceremonies?

Because it is special. You should always wear special clothing to a funeral or any ceremony!

What is the proper clothing to wear to a funeral?

it depends on the culture and type of the funeral. in Australia you would normally wear black if you are Australian

What type of clothing do people in Honduras wear?

Many people in Honduras wear secondhand clothing, traditional clothing, or clothing suitable for work in agriculture/farming.

What did undertakers wear in 1923?

Whatever clothing anyone else would wear to a funeral of that era.

What clothing item you wear when it is cool?

Lenin & wool are suitable options..... :)

What do table tennis officials wear?

dark suitable clothing hahaha

What kind of clothes does Hannah wear at concerts?

weird clothing not suitable for her age

What protective clothing to wear when working in the kitchen?

Hat, apron, suitable work shoes.

Can you wear your USAF full service dress uniform to a funeral?

Yes you may!

Which tradition is the most unusual funeral tradition?

New Orleans has some unusual funeral traditions. They have marching jazz bands and wear colorful clothing.

What kind of clothing do the Guyana people wear?

The capital, Georgown is a city with extremely fashionable women who wear boutique clothing. Many shops and malls offer top quality goods. Guyanese women wear clothing suitable for their tropical climate.

What do you wear to a Jehovah's Witness funeral service?

You would dress as is appropriate to the culture of the nation you are in.

What color flower should I wear for my father's funeral service?

what ever colour you are comfortable with.

What do people wear at Easter?

New, spiffy, spring themed clothing, suitable for church. Some people wear bunny costumes!

What clothes do Guyana where?

Guyana, as a country, does not wear clothes. The inhabitants are fashion conscious and wear clothing suitable for the country's tropical climate.

What job requires to wear all black?

Most probably funeral rights service jobs.

What do Romans usualy wear?

Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.Romans wear the same clothing as we do.

Would it be ok to wear a dress without a bra or panties to a funeral?

A funeral is not a place to make any sort of fashion statement. Conservative clothing sould be the rule, I would think.

Can you wear shorts to a funeral?

No. It is disrespectful and not the place to wear them. A funeral is like church where you wear an appropriate outfit.

Can you wear a puletasi to the Tongan funeral?

No, it is inappropriate attire. Wear black or dark clothing to show respect. I guess You can get away with it if you are not related or just a friend of a friend going to a funeral outside Tonga say, Australia, NZ or USA or elsewhere. Hope that helps.

Why should priests and nuns wear distinctive clothing?

Priests and nuns wear distinctive clothing to signify the vows they have taken. They are required to live a humble, celibate life dedicated to service.

What do Jews wear at a funeral ceremony?

Modest, formal, dark-colored clothing. Men: dark suits. Women: dark-colored dresses.

Is it inappropriate to wear in a funeral something else but black?

No. The family usually wears black, but it is not inappropriate for others to wear other colors. Clothing should be conservative and respectful of the deceased and the family.

What types of clothing do Baptist's Wear in their Church service?

Baptists wear the same type clothing as anyone else does. Some women wear dresses and blouses/skirts, some wear pants. Some men wear suits, some wear slacks and a shirt, and some even wear jeans.