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What is symbolic speech?

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Symbolic spech: using a symbol or gesture to convey meaning, especially political meaning.

Symbolic speech is the expression of opinions or positions by means other than the spoken or written word. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech but not only in the spoken and written form. It protects symbolic speech as well. Burning flags and making certain hand gestures are some examples of symbolic speech.

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What is an example of symbolic speech?

Symbolic speech is an action conducted for the purpose of conveying a message. Symbolic speech is protected in the US. An example is flag burning.

Examples of symbolic speech?

The burning of the flag is a symbolic speech such as in the Texas v. Johnson case.

A form of speech protected by the First Amendment is?

symbolic speech.

What part of speech is symbolic?

An adjective

In what way is picketing symbolic speech?


What part of speech is the word symbolic?


Does the first amendment protect Symbolic speech?

Yes, but to a certain extent. When people take advantage of symbolic speech, the First Amendment does not protect symbolic speech. They can consider symbolic speech as a right to say whatever they want, which can violate people's safety and protection, as well as policies. But having the right to speak freely about your opinion and convictions is a privilege and will be taken away if you take advantage of it.

What forms of speech are protected by the first amendment?

Pure Speech, Commercial Speech, and Symbolic Speech are protected by the First Amendment.

Is symbolism a figure of speech?

No, symbolism is not a figure of speech. It specifically is defined as "a symbolic meaning".

Expression of ideas by conduct rather than in speech or print is called what?

Symbolic Speech

The First Amendment guarantees the right of what speech?


The First Amendment guarantees the right of speech?


What amendment protects symbolic speech?

The first amendment.

What is the difference between pure and symbolic speech?

Pure Speech is the verbal expression of thought and opinion before an audience that has chosen to listen. Symbolic Speech is the use of actions symbols , in addition to or instead of words, to express opinions.

What is a symbolic speech?

It is a speech--Using a symbol or gesture to convey meaning, especially political meaning.

What is expression by conduct such as carrying a sign or wearing an armband?

symbolic speech

What is the definition of symbolic speech?

using a symbol or gesture to convey meaning

Is being gay symbolic speech?

No. Being gay is a sexual orientation.

In whose symbolic shadow did dr martin Luther king give his speech I have a dream speech?

Abraham Lincoln

In whose symbolic shadow did dr martin Luther king give his speech you have a dream speech?

The Lincoln Memorial

What are the different kinds of speech that the Supreme Court has identified?

symbolic, libel, verbal

What symbolic movement does martin Luther king give his speech from?

a fat cow

If students wore black sweatshirts to protest a war what sort of free speech would they be exercising?

They would be exercising symbolic speech.

What are three things protected under the first amendment?

Freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and freedom of pressSymbolic speech such as signs and demonstrations

What is the meaning of symbolic speech?

Using a symbol or gesture to convey a meaning, especially political meaning.