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What is teine GFS?

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Jordynn Dick
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teine means girl or girlfriend,

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* Teine * Teine * Teine * Teine. It means 'girl' as well. It depends on how you use it.

Lau teine pele translates to: Your dear girl. La'u teine pele translates to: My dear girl.

t'yin-a. I believe teine is an older spelling; nowadays tine (fire). It is stillteine in Scottish Gaelic however.

"Fa'amalosi, Teine" or "Teine, fa'amalosi".

GFS Canada was created in 1897.

tama'ita'i-uli, tama'ita'i-uli, teine-uli, teine uliuli

??... What exactly is your question?

In Scottish Gaelic : chan eil teine mar an teine agad fhèin = there is no hearth like your own

They listen to a lot of samoan songs. They listen to this song called pretty little teine. Teine means girl. They listen to this song called Talofa Teine. So yeah samoans listen to a lot of samoan songs.This is the songs they mostly listen to.

If a male is talking: "Afafine o lo'u atali'i (daughter of my son)" or "Tama teine a lo'u afafine (daughter of my daughter)". If a female is talking: "Tama teine a la'u tama teine (daughter of my daughter)" or "Afafine a la'u tama tama (daughter of my son)".

Irish is tine;Scottish Gaelic is teine.

Teine (tay-ne[as in ne in never])

Modern Irish - tine; Old Irish - teine Scottish Gaelic - teine Manx - aile The name Áed is another word for 'fire'. Delbaeth means 'fire shape'.

The cast of Teine tulemine - 2008 includes: Raimo Pass as Chaplain Toomas Tilk as Machine Gunner Ivo Uukkivi as Wounded Soldier

No not (a) girlfriend. A lot of GFs

no. but my gfs is. and shes the hottest thing in the world

Yes, my girlfriends tits are nice

"Fa'afetai mo le va'aiga o ia." "O ia" refers to both gender, s/he. Tama is male; teine is female. "Fa'afetai mo le va'aiga o le tama/teine."

Yes they did, they had LOTS of crushes too

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