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ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was an early packet switching network that became the technical foundation of the internet.

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What is an example of ARPANET?

example of arpanet

What year was ARPAnet established?

arpanet was established in 1962

What year did the Arpanet begin?

Arpanet started in 1969.

Was the original name for the internet arpanet?

yea ARPAnet

When was the arpanet started?

ARPANET was first started in the 1960s.

12 the arpanet 's development began in 1966 it was an experiment to connect universities to share information what do we call this today?

Today, the Arpanet is called "Internet".Today, the Arpanet is called "Internet".Today, the Arpanet is called "Internet".Today, the Arpanet is called "Internet".

What year did ARPANET cease to exist?

ARPANET was decommissioned in 1990.

Who created the ARPANET?

Lawrence Roberts and his team created the ARPANET.

What is the Arpanet development called today?

The Arpanet development is called the Internet today.

What did the original arpanet grew into?

ARPAnet eventually developed into the World Wide Web.

When was arpanet created?

Development of ARPANET was started in 7 April 1969 by BBN Technologies and was completed later the same year. The ARPANET is the progenitor of today's Internet.

What do they call ARPANET today?

ARPANET was the original template for what is now the internet or world wide web. I don't believe the original ARPANET is still in operation today.

What is ARPANET called today?

The Internet. ARPANET itself is now defunct, but it was the foundation of the Internet.

What has its origins in the US Defence Department's ARPANET?

The Internet as we know it today is based on Arpanet.

What do you call the ARPANET?

ARPANET was original name of the computer network that eventually morphed into the Internet.

What is the full form of arpanet?

ARPANET in full is Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

What was the name of the network that resulted from the internet invention project?

The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.The Internet started as Arpanet; today it is called the Internet.

What do you call ARPANET's development in 1996?

ARPANET ceased to exist in 1990, so it was not around in 1996. What was around then, and what ARPANET had a part in creating, was the internet. ARPANET itself, dated back to 1969.

Which system of comunication developed from ARPANET?

The Internet is the system of communication that developed from ARPANET. The internet is its civilian counterpart.

Why was arpanet called arpanet?

Arpanet stands for Advance Research Project AgencyNETwork. It was funded by the US Advance Research Project Agency (ARPA). Arpanet was launched in 1969 in four sites including two University of California campuses, the Stanford Research Institute, and the University of Utah.

What was the first network called?

The first network was ARPANET. The network became operational on October 29, 1969. For more information on ARPANET, check out the article here:

Is ARPAnet the precursor to today's Internet?

Yes ARPANET is the predecessor to our Internet today. What we all are able to use was first done as ARPANET. It was made by american defense and research team to transfer messages.

What is the granddaddy of the Internet?


What does ARPANET stand for?


Who developed arpanet?