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  1. an amazon horned frog lives in fresh water marshes and pools through out the amazon basin. They are carnivores size is up 4 to 6 inches or 10-15 centimeters can weigh up to 1 lb or 480 grams.
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What is French for amazon horned frog?

Amazon grenouille a cornes

Is a amazon horned frog nocturnal or diurnal?

Amazon horned frogs are nocturnal which means they come out at night

Is the Amazon horned frog endangered?

no it is not endangered there are just not many of them.

What is the amazon horned frogs life cycle?

Same as any frog

What is the wheit of a ornate horned frog?

The average weight of an ornate horned frog is 1 pound.

Is the horned frog an amphibian or reptile?


Why Paraguay horned frog endangered?

they are sold out

Why did the horned frog become TCU's mascot?

They found horned frogs digging holes in the field which now today is the football field and helped make the football field so they made the horned frog there mascot.

What is Texas Christian University's Mascot?

The official mascot is called Super Frog and it a horned frog!

Name some animals which cannot be kept in zoos?

bald eagles unless its injured a horned frog in Texas bald eagles unless its injured a horned frog in Texas

Which layer of the rainforest does a bornean horned frog live?

the understory

What are some amphibians that start with the letter h?

Horned Frog

What is a horned toad?

A horned toad is a frog not really a toad

Where does the nickname the TCU Horned Frogs come from?

The TCU Horned Frogs is the nickname of the Texas Christian University. Their mascot is a horned frog in reference to the Texas horned lizard which has the scientific name of Phrynosoma cornutum.

What frogs start with the letter A?

African Bullfrog African Clawed Frog American Bullfrog Argentine Horned Frog

Why do they call it a horned frog?

The things on their eyes that appear like horns.

What is an Amazon milk frog?

An Amazon milk frog is a large species of frog native to South America, Latin name Trachycephalus resinifictrix.

What animal is a leaf horned frog?

a frog that has "horns" near its eye to blend in with the ground and look like a dead leaf

Where do the pacman frogs come from?

South America: They are also known as the South American Horned Frog.

What is big and green has horns and jumps high?

horned bullfrog

What are dangerous in the Amazon rainforest?

poisonous blue tree frog

Why does the amazon ground snake eat the poison dart frog?

The Amazon Ground snake eats the Poison Dart frog because it needs to eat.

What does a Malayan horned frog eat?

They typically feed on spiders, lizards, small rodents and other frogs.

Does the amazon milk frog hibernate or estivate?

No, it is not cold in the amazon so it's not necessary.

Does the amazon milk frog hibernate?

No, it's never cold in the amazon so it is not necessary.