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What is the Amrit ceremony in the Sikh religion?


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September 13, 2011 6:31PM

The armrit ceremony is where a Sikh as they get older they have to understand the full committment they are making.

They wear the 5 k's

The amrit sanskar is a Sikh rite of passage where the Sikh person initiated into the khalsa. It was first started from Guru Gobind Singh Rai, when he formed the khalsa. He/She will become a true Sikh, and will have to follow all the rules of Sikhism, including wearing the 5k's, taking no drugs, or alcohol, not commiting adultry, not eating ritually slaughtered meat, and praying daily as well as following the teachings of the guru..etc.

So... that's the basics..but let's get a bit deeper. A child born into a Sikh family and brought up in the Sikh tradition is regarded as a Sikh.

However, when a Sikh is old enough (say at the age of about 12-13 onwards) to understand the decision they are about to make, he/she is able to become a more commited member of the faith by being initiated into the Khalsa. This ceremony is often called Amrit Sanskar.

What happens at Amrit Sanskar? ..... It will usually take place in the gurdwara, obviousely the Guru Granth sahib(Sikh holy book) has to be present. Five members of the khalsa (panj piarre) must be present too. The resposibilities and rules of the Khalsa are explained. The initiates (those going through the ceremony) have to say they accept the vows they are about to take. Prayers are then said, and part of the Guru Granth Sahib is read out. Amrit (sugar and water) is prepared in a steel bowl. It is stirred by each of the panj piarre with a Khanda with the right hand. As they do this they recite the 5 readings from the Guru Granth Sahib. When the amrit i ready the initiates will get into the bir asan position (the right knee must be on the ground and the left one raised). They then receive the amrit in their cupped hands. They then say 'The Khalsa is of God, the victory is God's' 5 times. The amrit is sprinkled five times over the eyes and hair of the initiates. After taking a sip of theamrit, the mool mantra is read out, and a khlasa member will remind tge initiates of thei duties and vows. Karah Parshad (sweet holy food) is shared.