What is the Arabic of God is great?

Updated: 11/11/2022
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God is Great : Allaho al-Atheem or al-azeem

and it is written this way : الله العظيم

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Q: What is the Arabic of God is great?
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God is great in the Arabic language?

To say "God is the greatest" in Arabic, one would say الله أكبر (Allahu Akbar).

What does the Arabic writing on the Iraq flag mean?

The writing on the Iraqi flag means 'God is great'(Allahu Akbar) in Arabic.

What is the Arabic name for their god?

Allah is the name of Almighty God in Arabic.

How is God written in Arabic?

In Arabic, the word "God" is normally written as "Allah".

Who was the word of god revealed to in Muslim?

Allah is the Muslims word for God. However, Allah is the Arabic word of God, the same God for Jews and Christians. In the Arabic version of the Bible, it is used the word Allah for God. Arab Christians say Allah (as God in English) and they say in Arabic 'Isa Ibn Allah' that means Jesus son of God (Isa in Arabic is Jesus, Ibn in Arabic is son, and Allah in Arabic is God).

How do you write God is Good in Arabic?

In Arabic, "God is Good" is written as "ุงู„ู„ู‡ ุทูŠุจ" pronounced as "Allah Tayyib".

Who is Muslim people's god?

God of Muslims is the same God as for Christians and Jews. He is called in Arabic Allah (as also mentioned in Arabic Bibles and as called by Arabic Christians).

What God do Muslims praise?

Muslims praise Allah (God in English); the same God of the Jews and the Christians. Arabic Christians read 'Allah' as God in their Arabic Bibles. Some Arabic Christians say 'Allah Al Ab' in Arabic that means 'God the father'.

What does walahy mean in Arabic?

i swear to god in arabic

What does the writing on the Iraq national flag mean?

Pronounced in Arabic it means "alahoo akbar" , translated meaning literally means "god is greater" or "god is great" .

What is takbir?

Takbīr or Tekbir ( تَكْبِير ) is the Arabic term for the phrase AllāhuAkbar ( الله أكبر ). The phrase literally means "Allah is greater"; it is usually translated " Allah(God) is [the] Greatest," or " Allah(God) is Great". It is a common Islamic Arabic expression.

What is the Arab god?

Rabby is god in Arabic