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What is the Arabs best show event?


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September 13, 2011 6:35PM

The Arabian horse is a good all-rounder. The Darley Arabian, Godolphin Barb and Byerly Turk, the three founding sires of the modern Thoroughbred, were all of Arabian heritage, and in some countries the Arabian is a racehorse in its own right.

The Arabian is a desert horse, and as such makes an outstanding endurance mount. Many of the endurance breeds have been influenced by the Arab, and it is the horse of choice for many endurance riders.

The intelligence, outstanding conformation and stamina of the Arab makes it ideal for three-day eventing also.

The Arabian is a good all-rounder, suitable for most demanding disciplines. It's probably easier to compile a list of what it's not suitable for:

- Children's mount/beginner rider. The Arab is often highly strung, intelligent and spirited. Most arabians are too much horse for a beginner or a child.

- Cattle work. Arabians do not have the innate 'cow sense' that seems to follow the mounts of cowboys ie. Quarter Horse and Australian Stock. A true cow horse can anticipate the movements of the cow before the rider can. A cowboy-horse team is a beautiful thing to watch. An Arabian can be trained for stock work, but it cannot match a horse born to it.

- Pleasure riding. The Arab is a spirited, intelligent horse and many will get bored following endless trails with little stimulation. Some older Arabs and calmer Arabs do make pleasure mounts however.