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What is the Aryan race?


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December 19, 2015 6:18AM


The word "Aryan" comes from Iran.

There is a debate going on about if the Germans are actually from the Aryan race.

"Iran" actually means "Land of Aryans"

Iran's King, Cyrus the Great stated "I am the King Of Aryans"



The Aryan race in Hitler terms is blue eyes, blond hair and not pale skin it is tanned skin from Caucasian race, also was a German speaker and could not be Jewish of marry a Jew. Hitler believed that this part of the Caucasian race was superior to the rest of the world even though he himself was not blond haired and blue eyed.



The Aryan race was first created by a defrocked monk, Jorg Lanz von Liebenfiels, who wrote the magazine, Ostara. He was also the one that first raised the swastika over his castle.



'The Aryan Race' is also the name of a White supremacist group.

The Aryan Race currently worships Hitler, claiming him to be the "messiah".

They believe that anyone who is not pure white, is a threat to the race.

They believe that, through mixing of genes, they are losing there heritage and are running out of "Caucasians", which they also believe to the the pure race.

They generally do not believe in evolution, and the more "hard-core" groups believe God first made white people, and that all other races are a result of... Satan!



In Indian History it is stated that, Indian subcontinent was inhibited by a particular Race called Dravidian and also stressed as Aryans are the people who know no origin has invaded Indian subcontinent and made their settlement there. It is believed that Indian Subcontinent is the place where Aryans migrated for is warm climate.



The 'Aryan race' is a figment of the Nazi imagination.
The "Arian" race does not exist. The "Aryan" race is the way the Proto-Indo-Iranians referred to themselves, and they have been proclaimed the ancestors of the Nordic and Germanic peoples by people such as the Nazis. Check out

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July 17, 2015 12:52AM

There is no such thing as the Aryan Race; this was a term invented by Hitler in pseudoscientific racial classification of the world.

The historic Aryans were a tribe of Indo-Europeans who live in the Caucasus Mountains in roughly 1500 B.C.E. This group of people conquered Persia and the Indus River Valley. It was the Aryans who founded the religion of Hinduism through their relationship with the conquered peoples of the Indus River Valley and were the seeds of the Achaemenid Persian Empire. They were of typical Middle Eastern color originally, but after successive intermarriage with the local populations, they have become indistinguishable from the indigenous peoples.

Hitler's Aryan Race was a non-existent fictional group of people who track most closely with the Nordic group of Indo-Europeans. In Hitler's mind, the Aryans were the people who founded the German Tribes and were the forefathers of all of German culture. He held that these Aryans, who could be recognized by their distinct blue eyes and blond hair, were superior beings than other human races. He also appropriated symbols from the historic Aryans, like the swastika, for his Aryan Race.