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That type of statistic is not available. One would need to research and review all the civil cases filed against Walmart in every court. You should consult a personal injury lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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What is the average settlement for slip and fall at walmart?

169,069. average amount of 125 cases.

What is the average price for milk?

2.89 at walmart

What is the average age of walmart employees?


What is the average yearly salary of a Walmart Cashier?

The average yearly salary of a Walmart employee is not very high. Working full-time, the salary is less than $20,000 USD. Walmart is known for not paying it's workers well.

What is salary Walmart store manager?

The average salary for a Walmart store manager is $94,857 per year. This does not include bonuses which average about $64,817 and profit sharing which averages about $5,467.

What is the average price of hamster bedding?

the one at walmart is 2.38

How many items does the average super Walmart stock?

roughly 175,000, check the CNBC: The New Age Walmart for more details.

What is the average salary for a CSM at Walmart?

about $7.92 per hour ($11,948 annually)

How many shopping carts does Walmart have?

86 in the average wal-mart

What is the average salary for a Walmart employee?

Minimum and part time for most of them.

What is the average salary of a Walmart store manager?

There is a range of salary of a Walmart store manager based on the size of the store and the amount of time someone has worked for the company. The average salary for a store manager is $65,000.

How much does the average walmart employee make?

About 18,000 dollars per year

How much does walmart vision center make?

An optometrist makes $115,000 on average.

How much do you get paid at Walmart?

Each Walmart department pays a little different salary. The electronics department is usually the highest paid hourly position. On average, a Walmart worker makes about 9 dollars a hour.

How much do Walmart employees get paid?

How much Walmart employees get paid varies with the type of position they hold and how long they have worked for Walmart. On average, a new employee earns about 7 dollars to about 18 dollars per hour.

Average cost of one pound of yellow cheese?

at walmart it is price varies by store

Where can you buy cotton?

from your average supermarket. Superstores like target and Walmart probably have them in stock

What is the average price for swimming goggles?

At WALMART you can get then for 2 or 3 dollars.But anywhere the are cheap.

What is the average cost of the electronic calorie counters used in weight training at the pharmacy versus target or walmart?

They average $30 to buy one of your own.

How much does a customer service employee make at Walmart?

The average pay for a Walmart customer service employee is $9.62 per hour. The pay scale ranges from $8 to $12 an hour.

How much sales volume does a us walmart store do?

Most walmart super centers will average between 40-100 million a year. A majority will be around the 60 million position

How much do you actually save at Walmart?

an average of 2 dollars every trip ARKANSAS DID US GOOD!

What is retail hourly pay for Walmart employees?

Walmart's average employee makes about $8.80 per hour.

The average cost of a pair of jeans in 2007?

there is no average could get a pair from walmart for 15 bucks or you could get a pair from American eagle for a 100 or more

How much does Walmart charge for photo services?

Walmart has different prices depending on what photo service is being done. An average 4x6 photo is nine cents. The prices just go up from there. Walmart now has self service kiosks where photos can be printed by the customer.