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壽 = long life (shou4, in Mandarin Pinyin pronunciation)

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What is the latin translation for 'long life'?

Vita longa.

What is the life span of a Chinese pangolin?

Chinese pangolins can live as long as 20 years in captivity.

What is the latin translation for the phrase long life?

it all depends on which consept you are using it in

What does the Chinese symbol Shou mean on jewelry?

The symbol "壽" on Chinese jewelry signifies "longevity" or "long life".

What is the Italian translation of 'long life'?

Lunga vita is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "long life."Specifically, the feminine adjectivelunga means "long." The feminine noun vita means "life." The pronunciation is "LOON-gah VEE-tah."

Why did the Chinese believe in the afterlife?

they belived in the afterlife so you can life a long happy afterlife....... BEAST

Why mustn't you cut noodles at Chinese New Year?

My Chinese teacher told me the noodles symbolize a long, healthy life, so if you cut the noodles it's like your life gets cut shorter

Latin translation for for life?

The basic answer would be "pro vita".Added: True, but pro means "for" in the sense of "in favor of," "for the benefit of," "on behalf of," or "in exchange for." If "for life" is construed as meaning "as long as one lives," a better translation is in omnem vitam.

Spanish translation for so long?

The spanish translation for "so long" is "asta luego"

What do noodles mean to the Chinese?

In Chinese culture, noodles symbolize long life. For example, during a birthday, noodles are served to the person who was born during that day.

Phonetic transcription of the word was?

Most Americans say something like "wuzz," using a long schwa vowel. It is long because it ends in a voiced consonant. The great dialectical and regional variety in the treatment of English vowel sounds has made the definitive phonetic transcription of common English words impossible. No single phonetic spelling is necessarily the correct one.

How long do Chinese water dragons live?

Typical life-span is around 10-15 years.

Which fruit is a symbol of long life in china?

"Gou Qi", is also called Chinese Wolf berry.

What do the Latin words mean on the walls in New Moon?

The rough translation is: "Life is short, art is long" (a quote by Hippocrates)

What is the English translation for Gártha do chairde go maith agus fad saoil?

Cheers to good friends and long life.

What does gold and red signify in Chinese New Year?

Gold signifies luck. Red signifies luck and to have a long life.

What do the Chinese believe about the number 9?

The number 9 in Chinese is written as 九 [jiǔ]. It has the same pronunciation with the character 久, which means lasting long. And the number 9 is the biggest in uni-digits, so it is often used to represent the long life.

What has the author S T Ting Wong written?

S. T. Ting Wong has written: 'More long-life Chinese cooking from Madame Wong' -- subject(s): Chinese Cookery

What is the symbol for the dragon in the Chinese zodiac?

it is long in china or in Chinese

How long do Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year and why?

until the next chinese new years

How did ancient Chinese junk boats make life easer?

it was the type of boat that sailed long distances.Hope I could help

How the Chinese regard dragons?

The Chinese dragon, or long, is a symbol of prosperity.

How long has life been on planet earth?

about 2300 million years according to the theory of evolution about 6500 years according to a medieval translation of the bible

What is the official Chinese food?

Noodles are probably the nearest to an official Chinese food. Noodles or mein as they are known throughout China have a huge significance for the Chinese as they symbolise a long life, which is why they should never be cut! They are even served in some regions in place of a birthday cake.

How do you say thankyou in Chinese?

To say thankyou in Chinese is si si . In Chinese the isounds like long e.

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