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What is the Choromosome theory of Genetics?

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DNA is stored on chromosomes, and chromosomes are passed through generations.

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What is the theory of genetics?

the theory of genetics is we are all made up of traits we get from our parents

Who originally developed the theory of genetics?


Can you combine human genetics with animals genetics?

Yes, in theory, but it's considered unethical.

What couldn't Darwin explain in his theory?


Why was Gregor Mendel important?

He is known as the Father of Genetics. He has laid the first stone in the field of genetics. His theory was very important in supporting the theory of evolution.

Does dependency theory run in families genetics?

"The theory of dependency running in family genetics is an ongoing study. There is strong evidence that there is a genetic component to many dependencies therefore I would say that yes, it does run in family genetics."

What on the choromosome gives a person their traits?


What are choromosome made from?

Chromosomes are made up of DNA

What is the stage when spindle fibers attach to choromosome?


Who is the theory of inheritance made by?

Gregory Mendel, the "father of genetics"

Why is the theory of genetics false?

in real science, anything with the word theory in-front of it means it hasn't been disproven - for example gravity is a theory.

Which emergent theory includes ideas from biology genetics and neuroscience?


Darwin's theory restated in terms of modern genetics is called?


How does molecular genetics support the theory of evolution?

it shows the traits from the ancestors

Human body parts beginning with y?

Y choromosome

Which is worse chromosome mutation or point mutation?

choromosome mutaion

What was Gregor Mendel's theory of heredity based on?

the pea plants he experimented on Genetics A+

What does the x and the y choromosome determine?

it determines the gender of a human being

What is nativist theory?

The nativist theory deals with the biological belief that language is an innate feature of the infant. The nativist theory is where it is believed that we have an inborn ability to learn and learning is in our genetics.

How does anatomy explain evolution?

It doesn't. Evolution is explained by population genetics, evolutionary theory.

Joins together the ideas of modern genetics with Darwin's theory of natural selection?

The neodarwinian synthesis.

What theory states that delinquency is a function of personal predispositions such as temperament personality hormones or genetics?


What knowledge did Darwin lack that would have helped him in developing his theory in natural science?

Mendelian Genetics

Too much Y choromosome in urine during pregnancy?

Can cause down syndrome

Was Darwin's theory rejected?

At the time some scientists did reject the theory, but by the end of Darwin's life the theory was, tentatively, accepted. Then genetics took off and the theory was panned again. 1900 t0 1932. Then the modern synthesis arose blending genetics with systematic thought, paleontology and botany and the theory of evolution by natural selection was on much firmer footing The theory has undergone many modifications since Darwin's day, as any scientific theory does, but, aside from some minor scientific challenges, the theory is still standing more than 150 years later.