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..........damage to life....

..........damage to property/ crops destroyed..... no source of income

have to drink muddy water

intense load-shedding effects buissness

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Q: What is the Effects of deforestration in people?
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What is deforestration?

The removal of trees

What are the reasons for destruction of wildlife?


Causes of deforestration?

Loss Of Habitat ( Animals Homes)

Why does the kaingin system is destroy the ecosystem?

by slashing and burning deforestration

What are the effects of the deforestration?

Animals lose their homes meaning they have to find a new home/ or they lose food because certain animals have lost their homes thus causing animals to become endangered or extinctions.

What are the impacts of man made sources of pollution?

globail warming,deforestration

What impact do humans have on Deforestration?

cause the chop down trees to make money

What factors affect an areas biodiversity?

dirty factories cause it destroy the community and affect people's lives......... it destroys the Air,Water,Deforestration and others will be polluted

How are ecosystem cycle disrupted?

-extinction of animals -over population -deforestration -exhausting of natural resources

Effect of deforestration?

Deforestation is permanently destroying forests to make the land available for other uses. Effects of this practice include fewer trees, plants becoming extinct, and animals becoming extinct. It also has an effect on the climate and is linked to global warming.

What are the problems facing tourism industry in Tanzania?

poaching infrastructure security land grabbing deforestration urbanization

What are the problems of landslides in the Murree area in Pakistan?

Deforestration, Corosion of soil, Cultivation of hill tops and valleys

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