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What is the Email Id of opera mini?

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How do you get an email id in mini clip?

Who made opera mini?

Opera Mini was developed by Opera Software

How do you install opera mini in my Samsung chat 322?

opera mini

When was Opera Mini created?

Opera Mini was created on 2005-08-10.

How do you get landscape view opera mini 5?

If you are using opera mini 10.1 or opera mini 5 touch on settings button and then touch on landscape view and turn it on

Does opera mini browser run on PC?

Yes opera mini run in pc you have to download opera mobile emulator for run opera mini in pc or you have another option you download micro emulator after download and install it you have to download opera mini .jar and .jad both copy opera mini where you download and paste it to microemulator folder and enjoy Thanks by bivurock

Do you have to pay for the Opera Mini web browser?

No, you can download and use Opera Mini free of charge.

What does opera mini do?

I used to have a nokia phone with opera mini and it was an Internet browser. hope that helped :)

What is email-ID?

Email ID is just another word for an email address.

What is the E- MAIL ID?

An Email ID is the log in or email address for an email account. The Email ID can be what ever the user chooses.

Does Opera Mini work on any cell phone?

Opera Mini works on most, if not all, cellphones with Java support.

What is a Yahoo id?

a yahoo id is your email that would be your email id.

How you can get an Email id?

business email id of Audi of usa

Can you download opera mini 10.1 on your nokia x2?

s60 o/s support opera mini 10.1 version, kindly download opera 6.5 for x2

How do you do opera setup for your phone?

download opera mini from the phones website

What is the Email id?

Your email address is 'someone@somwhere.something'. The "someone" part is your email ID.

How one can know the mini opera version running on your mobile?

go to help in opera mini menu and clik on about... it shows the version....

What are opinions of opera mini?

Opera Mini is a legit mobile web browser. Just make sure you download it from their official website.

How is email id?

Email is id ... like yahoo id for example :) Simple

How do you install Opera Mini on the LG Plum?

On the browser already installed, go to Opera Mini's download page and click install. If Opera Mini is not compatible, you will not be able to install it.

What is your email id?

Say your email is 'someone@somewhere' well, the "someone" part is your email ID.

Wanted themes for LG U8180 mobile phone?

firstly u have to activte ur gprs service from ur operater. then download the opera mini for that u have go on website its free and from opera mini go crete ur id in that nd download the themes for ur cell.

What is the Email ID of P Chidambaram?

email id of Hon. P.chidambaram

Shekar kummala email id?

Shekar kummala email id