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Since the bereaved will bring the rosary with him/her in the grave, it is believed that if the rosary is not broken, other family members will follow.

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Do Presbyterians use the rosary?

No, that is a Roman Catholic custom

What is the symbol of the rosary?

There really is no symbol of the rosary, usually just a rosary.

Should you capitalize Rosary in rosary beads?

No, there is no capitalize when referring to rosary beads. You may choose to capitalize when referring to set of prayers called the Rosary, but not for rosary beads.

What is Our Lady of the Rosary patron saint of?

Our Lady of the Rosary patron saint of the rosary.

Do you pray the Apostles' Creed in the Rosary?

The Apostles' Creed is prayed in the Rosary. It is the first prayer in the Rosary.

What month is the dedicated to the rosary?

October is dedicated to the rosary.

What is the month of the rosary?

the month which the rosary is dedicated is in October

How many pages does The Rosary have?

The Rosary has 390 pages.

How do you hold the rosary?

You may hold the rosary in either hand.

Who is the patron saint of the rosary?

There is no named patron saint of the rosary.

How many Hail Mary's in a rosary?

There are 153 Hail Mary's in a 15 decade Rosary, 53 in a 5 decade Rosary.

What are the guidelines of wearing a rosary?

There are no guidelines for wearing a rosary. However, the rosary is not a piece of jewelry and not meant to be worn. It is mean to be prayed.

Can the cross be completely removed from the rosary and not replaced?

If the Crucifix is removed from a rosary, it loses its blessing. When the rosary is repaired, it must be reblessed.

What is a pocket rosary?

You are probably asking about a one decade rosary, either a short rosary with 11 beads and a crucifix, or a ring rosary with ten small nups, and one big one.

Did the Virgin Mary prayed the rosary?

Of course the Blessed Virgin Mary did not pray the rosary because during her time there was no such thing as rosary.

What Chapter in the Bible Can you find the Rosary Prayer?

The Rosary is not mentioned in the Bible.

What is an auto rosary?

A mini rosary that hangs from the rearview mirror in your car.

Is rosary related in chemistry?

A rosary is used by Catholics-it's a necklace.

What is the duration of Wrong Rosary?

The duration of Wrong Rosary is 1.5 hours.

What is the plural of rosary?

The plural form for the singular noun rosary is "rosaries."

Is it true that the Rosary in the olde'n days that the Rosary had 150 beads?


Why was the rosary given to Saint Dominic?

The rosary predates St. Dominic by many years so he did not "invent" it. He did, however, encourage the praying of the rosary.

How do you pray the rosary for other people?

Easy pray the Rosary and tell God you are offering it up to someone else.

Whom did the blessed mother give the rosary?

The rosary is a manmade tribute to the Blessed Mother. Mary was a practicing Jew who didn't say the rosary.

What does a rosary tattoo symbolize?

some Catholics get rosary tattoos for religious reasons.

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