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Inernally - Freud was a true believer in peronality being completely innate; moreover, relationships stemming purely from the psychsexual stages of development - along with a strong impetus throughout life in thanatos, oedipal and electra complexes Hope this helps!

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Q: What is the Freudian perspective on whether relationships are internally or externally motivated?
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Is imagination internally or externally motivated?


Would you consider yourself an externally motivated or internally motivated person?

I don't think it matters what some random person on the internet thinks - you have to answer this for yourself because we don't know you.

Client is almost motivated internally they are said to be?

in the phychological stage

Would Freudian theory describe Hank's eating and argumentative behaviors as being internal or externally motivated?

Freudian theory would likely describe Hank's eating and argumentative behaviors as internally motivated, stemming from unconscious psychological processes such as unresolved conflicts or defense mechanisms. These behaviors may be linked to underlying emotional needs or experiences from earlier stages of development.

What is the difference between compliance and internalization?

Compliance refers to individuals conforming to rules or expectations to avoid punishment or gain rewards, without necessarily accepting or believing in the values behind those rules. Internalization involves truly integrating the values or norms associated with a rule into one's own belief system and behavior. Compliance is more externally motivated, while internalization is more internally motivated.

What is the technical word for arranged marriages?

Forced Marriage, Induction draft ( means the same thing), compelled marriage, externally-motivated alliance.

What perspective believe that much of behavior is motivated by inner forces memories and conflicts of which a person has little awareness or control.?

The psychodynamic perspective, developed by Sigmund Freud, posits that much of behavior is motivated by unconscious inner forces, memories, and conflicts. This perspective suggests that early childhood experiences shape personality and influence behavior throughout the lifespan, often without individuals being fully aware of these influences.

Which perspective argues that behavior is motivated by inner forces and conflicts about which you have little awareness or control?

The psychoanalytic perspective, particularly Sigmund Freud's theory of psychoanalysis, argues that behavior is motivated by inner forces and conflicts that operate at an unconscious level. These forces stem from early childhood experiences and can shape one's personality and behaviors throughout life.

What the aspects of motivated behavior?

Motivation is an awareness of talents, strengths within a person and the committment to express them fully in duties, work, relationships for a specified outcome to be reached.

What is a need based perspective on motivation?

A need-based perspective on motivation suggests that individuals are driven to fulfill certain basic psychological needs, such as autonomy, competence, and relatedness. This perspective posits that when these needs are met, individuals are more motivated and engaged in their activities, leading to greater well-being and performance.

How do social workers keep themselves motivated?

Self care first so you can care about others! (exercise,stress management, good nutrition, rest, recharge and down time, family and friend relationships)

What two psychologist made important contributions to the humanistic perspective?

Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow are two psychologists who made important contributions to the humanistic perspective. Rogers emphasized the importance of unconditional positive regard and empathy in therapy, while Maslow developed the hierarchy of needs theory which suggests that individuals are motivated to achieve self-actualization.