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An A is a 4.0.
An A- is a 3.7.

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Q: What is the GPA worth for an A- For example an A is worth 4 points so what's an A- worth?
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What is a 3.10 GPA?

GPA is an acronym for Grade Point Average. On a normal scale, a grade of A is worth 4 points, B is worth 3 points, C is worth 2 points and D is worth 1 point. To calculate GPA you would add up all the points and divide by the number of grades. For example: Algebra: A English: B Biology: B US History: B In this situation the student would receive 4 points for Algebra and 3 points each for English, Biology and US History. That would be a total of 13 points. Since there are 4 classes you would divide 13 by 4 and end up with a 3.25. So a 3.10 GPA is slightly above a "B" average.

Whats minimum GPA needed to get into University of Louisville?

what is the minimum GPA requirements to get into the university of Louisville

What would your GPA be if you got 3 c's and 1 d?

A C grade is equal to 2 GPA and a D grade is around 1.5 GPA. So you can calculate and find the average.

What is a D in an honors course?

In most honors courses, in order to earn a D, one must have at least 60% in the class, although there are some exceptions (for example in my algebra II/trig honors class, we must have 65% or higher to earn a D). In an honors class, a D is worth 1 point in your GPA, unlike an AP course, in which a D would be worth 2 points in your GPA.

What does grade weigh mean?

This depends. Do you mean what are weighted grades? In that case it's when a grade in a harder class such as honors or AP is worth more points than a normal class. For instance, when I was in high school I got an A in PE and that was worth 4 points, an A in health which was worth 4 points, an A in English worth 4 points but my A in AP Physics and A in honors geometry were both worth 5 points. Weighted grades matter when your calculating your GPA. regular GPA scale: a =4 b =3 c =2 d =1 f=0 weighted GPA scale a =5 b=4 c=3 d=2 assuming that all the classes i took above were worth one unit each we calculate the GPA by (total points of all classes)/(number of classes taken) (4+4+4+5+5)/5 =22/5 =4.4 thus my weighted GPA would have been 4.4 if i just used the classes above. note: if the classes are worth more than one unit (aka anything above high school) you calculate it using the formula: sum(number of units for class Ai*grade score for that class)/number of units taken.

What is your GPA if your percent is 86.5?

depends on who is grading but it is usually a b

How do you determine weighted high school GPA?

The Sclae below is to help you figure out you G.P.A You should sub. the numbers for which all the grades you have gotten so far and then you add them up and divide the total but how many grades you added up! A's are worth 4 points B's are worth 3 points C's are worth 2 points D's are worth 1 point F's are worth 0 points if you are still confused just message me!

What do the points on college transcript mean?

Each grade is assigned quality points. For example A = 12pts, B = 9pts, C = 6pts. The points are used to calculate the students grade point average (GPA). You take total number of quality points and divide that number by the number of credits taken, and that would give you the GPA. Thus, an A and a B would total 21 quality points, divided by 6 credits (if the two courses were 3 credits each) would equal a GPA of 3.5 (letter grade of B+).

In what type of GPA are honors AP IB and dual enrollment courses given additional points?

Weighted GPA

Is there a Animal behavior Collage in Florida?

Whats the gpa for animal behavior collage

What is a GPA of 80.5... This is what it has on the bottom of his grades that I can check online Current Q Honor Roll GPA S1 80.500?

I've never heard of a GPA of 80.5. GPA means "grade point average" and is usually reported on a 4.0 scale where a grade of A= 4.0 points; B=3.0 points; C=2.0 points; D=1.0 points; F=0 points. To get your GPA, you assign these points to all your letter grades and divide by the number of grades you have. This 80.5 you are looking at might be a percentile ranking of some sort; in what context did you see it????

What is a 1 GPA worth?

A GPA of 1.0 is equivalent to a D. In order to graduate, you will need to significantly improve your GPA.