What is the Gaelic Irish phrase for your children?

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Do chlann (singular); bhur gclann (plural).
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How close is Irish Gaelic to Scottish Gaelic?

Both Scottish Gaelic and Manx Gaelic had their origins in Irish Gaelic. Irish Gaelic speakers settled in what is now Argyll at some point in the period 300-600 AD. As a Scottish Gaelic learner, I can read Irish quite easily but I believe the pronunciation is further removed from the Irish. I ( Full Answer )

How do you say hi in Irish Gaelic?

Dia duit - formal most people say Conas 'tá tú Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú Caidé mar 'tá tú..... all mean How are you? You can informally say "Haigh" (pronounced "hi").

What is the Irish Gaelic translation for the phrase have a nice day?

To answer the question, "Have a nice day" is not something mostIrish people would say in Irish Gaelic. That's an American phrase.A phrase like ádh mór! (= good luck - used mostly in Ulster Irish)and maybe tóg(a'í) go réidh é! (= take it easy - used quite oftenin Connemara) might be ( Full Answer )

What is the Gaelic for Irish?

In the Irish Gaelic: An Ghaeilge the Irish Gaelic language na Éireannaigh the Irish people Éireannach Irish (adj.) In Scottish Gaelic: Gaeilge na Eireannaich Eireannach

What is the Irish Gaelic for family?

1. teaghlach (the family as a whole including parents) 2. muintir (parents/children/relations) 3. clann (children of the family) 4. sliocht/síol (descendants) muirín = family, charge, burden "How is your family?" = "Cén chaoi bhfuil do chúram ?" (Connacht).

What is irish Gaelic for Patrick?

Patrick is the Gaelic form of the latin name Patricius or Patrician, which was the Roman term for a person of nobility and/or wealth.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'I love you'?

Táim i ngrá leat = I am in love with you. Tá grá agam duit = I have love for you Tá mo chroí istigh ionat = 'My heart is within you' Is tú mo ghrá = You are my love.

Why do the Irish speak English and not Gaelic Irish?

Part of the mechanism of colonial power is the suppression of native culture, and more than the language of Ireland has suffered from English domination. "Irishness" was illegal for many years, and its expression punishable by death or exile. Some families had to change their very names to avoid pro ( Full Answer )

What is the Irish Gaelic for Irish?

The Irish language is an Ghaeilge. Irish as an adjective is Éireannach The Irish (people) is Éireannaigh

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'How are you'?

Southwest: "Conas atá tú?" [kunnus ataw too] West: "Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú?" [kae khee a will too] Northwest: "Cad é mar atá tú?" [gud jae mar taa too] This is the form when addressing one person.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'sharpener'?

There are several words corresponding to 'sharper': liofoir - sharpener, grinder, polisher gléas faobhair - sharpener (as a blade) biorthoir peann luaidhe - pencil sharpener.

What is the Irish Gaelic work for black?

The Irish word for black is dubh, pronounced duv the du sounding like the beginning of Dublin. Dublin means Black Pool Dubh Lin.

What is the Irish Gaelic for I'm Irish?

Is Éireannach mé. (If you are from Ireland.) Is Gael-Mheiriceánach mé. (If you are an Irish-American.) Is Gael mé / Is Éireannach mé Is Éireannach mé.

How do you say 'Earth' in Irish Gaelic?

If the planet earth is meant there is no real direct translation. In Irish the earth is not really the concept but rather the people in it. For example Bhí sé go mór i mbeal an pobal - he was big in the mouths of people - he was famous An domhain mór - the big world - is one expressi ( Full Answer )

What are the names of the Irish rivers in Irish Gaelic?

Abha Mhór na Mí (Meath Blackwater) Abha Mhór na Mumhan (Munster Blackwater) An Bhanda (The Bandon) An Bhanna (The Bann) An Bhearbha (The Barrow) An Bhóinne (The Boyne) An Éirne (The Erne) An Eithne (The Inny) An Fhéile (The Feale) An Fheoir (The Nore) An Fhorghais (The Fergus) An L ( Full Answer )

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'boy'?

buachaill or garsún or gasúr That's an easy one: Buachaill which interestingly derives from the compound of cow and servant (bo + cail) so literally the word for a boy is "cowboy". This word originated from the social position of the person rather than the age so the "boy" could have b ( Full Answer )

How do you say godspeed in Irish Gaelic?

Go n-éirí do bhóthar leat. (Usually mis-translated as "May the road rise with you" it actually means "May your road succeed with-you".) Go dtéir slán. (May you go safely.) Go soirbhí Dia dhuit.

Is Gaelic different than Irish Gaelic?

Answer: There are variations of Gaelic in different countries, Irish Gaelic being one. Each are often referred to as Gaelic in their individual countries, so at times "Gaelic" could be referring to the Irish variation of it. Another Answer: The languages (Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic) have di ( Full Answer )

How do you spell King in Irish Gaelic?

The Irish word for king is "rí". As a surname, King is used as a synonym for these Irish surnames: MacAree (Mac Fhearadhaigh) Conroy (Mac Conraoi/Ó Conraoi) O'Kinga (Ó Cionga) MacIlroy (Mac Giolla Rua)

How do you say 'Gaelic' in Irish?

In Irish the language itself is referred to as An Ghaeilge . If referring to the Gaelic branch of Celtic culture (which would include the Isle of Man and Scottish Highlands), the word used in Irish would be Gaelach .

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'cute'?

In Ireland: glic (clever, ingenious; shrewd, sagacious; crafty, cunning) beartach (scheming; contriving) cleasach (playful; tricky, crafty) In the American sense of the word gleoite (neat, pretty; lovely, charming, delightful)

What is the name Leslie in Irish Gaelic?

It has been gaelicized as Leaslaoi (lass-lee) in Irish Gaelic. ............................................................................................................................ *New Answer* Leslie may mean Holly Garden in which case is would be something like Lioschuileann which ( Full Answer )

How do you say chris in Irish Gaelic?

The Irish language version of Christopher is Críostóir [kreesthór]; the Irish version of Christine is Cristín [krisht'yeen] or Cristíona [krisht'yeena].

Who created Irish gaelic?

No one in particular created it. Like all languages it developed over time and continues to do so.

How do you spell lilymaeve in Irish Gaelic?

The Irish word for the flower 'lily' is 'lile' , but the forname 'Lil, Líle' is of uncertain derivation and may be a pet name for Cecilia or more likely Elizabeth. 'Maeve' is spelled 'Meadhbh' or in modernized spelling 'Méabh' .

What is the Irish Gaelic for For your Children?

If 'your' is singular: Dod' chlann. 'For your children'; ('your children' is do chlann. ) If plural: Do bhur gclann. 'For your children'. ('Your children' is bhur gclann. )