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Scottish Gaelic:

Grádhán=Beloved (male)

Grádhág=Beloved (female)

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Q: What is the Gaelic word for beloved?
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What is the Gaelic word for beloved -?

Scottish Gaelic: Grádhán=Beloved (male) Grádhág=Beloved (female)

Gaelic word for lover?

a ghraidh a rùn a leannain These are all in the vocative case, as if you were addressing your beloved directly

What is the Gaelic for 'beloved'?

In the Irish language:as a noun,searc, lovegrá geal lit. 'bright love'muirnín beloved, darling, sweetheartstór love, beloved personas an adj.ionúin, beloved, deardil, beloved, dearmaoineach treasured, beloveddilghrách belovedIn the (Scottish) Gaelic language:gràdhach, gràdhaichte, ionmhain, lurach, mùirneach, rùnachSee am faclair beag for more information.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'Forever My Beloved'?

Mo ghrá go deo

What does the Gaelic phrase mo mhirnim mean?

mo mhuirnín =my beloved, in IrishGaelic

How do you say 'I will fight for my beloved' in Irish Gaelic?

Troidfidh mé i gcomhair rúin liom

What is the Gaelic word for Chalmers?

No Gaelic word for Chalmers.

Define the Gaelic word geen?

It is not a Gaelic word.

What does 'bassett' mean in Gaelic?

The word 'bassett' is not a Gaelic word, and therefore has no meaning in Gaelic.

What is the Gaelic word for best man?

In IRISH Gaelic the word is "vaidhtéaraí";in SCOTTISH Gaelic: ?

Is A ghrá Eire the right translation of Ireland your Beloved in Irish Gaelic?

if the expression is "Ireland, your beloved" the translation would be "Éire, do ghrá" if it is "Ireland, you're (you are my) beloved" it would be " Éire, is tú mo ghrá"

What is the Gaelic for 'jewelry?

The Irish Gaelic word for 'jewelry' is seoda.The Scottish Gaelic word is seudraidh.