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above the msosphere and below the exosphere sumwhere around there

Its orbit is in the thermosphere which is approximately at a altitude of 300km. it is above the mesosphere and below the exosphere.

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The station provides food, shelter and a working environment for astronauts. It is a joint project between the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe; and is still in the process of being built. Astronauts spend a variety of times living on the station, usually between four to six months. They carry out a range of experiments, observations, maintenance, and construction on the station. The unmanned Russian Progress spacecraft regularly visit with supplies, as do manned Soyuz spacecraft. The US manned space shuttle delivers astronauts, new supplies, and parts for the construction project. It can easily be seen if passing over your location with the unaided eye. The ISS is the most expensive object built by humanity.
The International Space Station is a research facility which is from outer space. It is still Currently being Assembled.

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Q: What is the International Space Station?
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