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Ar mhaithe le beatha daoine eile a shábháil

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Q: What is the Irish Gaelic for so that others may live?
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What does the Gaelic word maire mean?

Máire is the Irish form of Mary; maire means 'live' as in 'Go maire tú' (May you live) (Irish)

What is the Gaelic for 'May'?

Scottish Gaelic: An Cèitean Irish Gaelic: Bealtaine

What is 'perfect' in Gaelic?

Foirfe or Beacht may be Irish Gaelic equivalents of 'perfect'.

How do you pronounce the Irish Gaelic word for me?

The Irish word "mé" is pronounced in English "May" like the month.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'May the luck of the Irish be with ye'?

Go raibh an t-ádh dearg oraibh.(plural)

What is the Gaelic for oruborus?

The Celtic 'endless knot' may be close to the concept. One translation in Irish was Snaidhm gan chríoch. The Scottish Gaelic version would be Snaidhm dìlinn.When posing questions about Gaelic if would be best to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic, as they are two distinct languages.

Is Gaelic the same as Celtic?

Gaelic is an English word referring to the three Celtic languages of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.In their respective languages they are called Gaeilge, Gàidhlig and Gaelg. In Ireland the language is called simply 'Irish' in English and 'Gaelic' is thought to mean Scottish Gaelic.Despite this some overseas continue to refer to Irish as 'Gaelic' confusing the issue. Perhaps the best compromise is the call them 'Irish Gaelic', 'Scottish Gaelic' and 'Manx Gaelic'.

What is Gaelic for It was my pleasure?

When posing questions about Gaelic if would be best to specify Irish Gaelic or Scottish Gaelic, as they are two distinct languages."It was my pleasure" in Irish is Ba mo phléisiúr é.Scottish Gaelic is Bha e na thoileachadh dhomh.

How to say may Irish luck be with you in Irish Gaelic.?

Go n-éirí an t-ádh dearg leat. (singular) ...libh(plural).

What is May she rest in peace in Gaelic?

In Irish we say "Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam uasal" In Scottish Gaelic: Fois gun robh aig a h-anam.

How do you spell Meghan in Gaelic?

It's a Welsh name Megan a form of Margaret;Irish would use Peig or Peigín.Scottish Gaelic is Magaidh or Peigi.Although Megan/Meghan may sound Irish, it isn't.

What is the word for vegan in Scottish Gaelic?

In Irish Gaelic - Feoilséantóir or veigeatóir (a vegetarian)In Scottish Gaelic: glasraichear or feòil-sheachnair (a vegetarian)