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What is the Gaelic symbol for eternal love?

There's no such thing as a Gaelic symbol for eternal love. In Irish "eternal love" is: síorghrá / grá síoraí

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'best friends' or 'eternal friendship'?

dlúthchairde (bestfriends)cairdeas síoraí (eternal friendship)ANOTHER ANSWER:cairde cléibh

What is the word for friendship in Irish?

Cairdeas is 'friendship' in Irish Gaelic.

What is the symbol of eternal beauty?

The rose is the symbol of eternal beauty.

What is the Italian symbol of friendship?

There is no specific friendship symbol of Italian descent. However a good friendship symbol is the infinity symbol. It can represent being friends forever.

Symbol of love is Taj Mahal then what's the symbol for friendship?

Then the symbol of love Taj Mahal is a symbol of Friendship

What is a symbol for friendship?

A symbol for friendship could be holding hands or hugs or a heart

Arabic symbol for friendship?

The Arabic symbol for friendship is written like this: صداقة

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'friendship'?


What is the symbol for friendship?

To the human eye, the friendship symbol is two pieces of something twisted together. Some people consider yellow roses as the symbol of friendship.

What is the Irish symbol for rider?

There is no Irish symbol for rider. The Irish word for rider is "marcach"

What is the symbol of friendship?

a symbol of shaking hands

What is the Irish for eternal love?


Translate eternal friendship into Latin?

Amicitia aeterna.

Taj mahl is a symbol of love. what is a symbol of friendship?

The Statue Of Liberty is a symbol of friendship between France and the United States of America.

How do you spell friendship in Irish?


What are some friendship symbols?

The koi, or Japanese carp, is a symbol of friendship. Children sometimes exchange homemade bracelets woven out of string as a symbol of friendship.

What is osiris's symbol?

Osiris' symbol was Resurrection and eternal life

What is the Friendship Bracelet Vow?

it is a bracelet given as a symbol of friendship

What is the symbol for eternal peace?


What is the Norwegian symbol for friendship?

There is no symbol, but the word freindship is vennskap

What is the symbol of friendship if taj mahal is the symbol of love?


What tattoos symbolizes eternal beauty?

A symbol for eternal beauty is the rose. You can get a tattoo of a rose to symbolize eternal beauty.

What is a graphic symbol for friendship?

A graphic symbol is written symbol that is used to represent speech. A graphic symbol for friendship can be two or more figures with their arms around each other or holding hands.

What is the ticker symbol for Eternal Image?

The ticker symbol for Eternal Image is ETIM and it is traded on the Nasdaq Over-The-Counter Bulletin Board exchange.