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This was found while searching on I uses Khyber Pass Plaque in the search field. "...we found the marble-canopied monument commemorating those British soldiers from the Queens Own Corps of Guides who died in Kabul in 1879. The plaque said that they had "conferred undying honor not only to the regiment to which they belong but on the whole British army." It wasn't the army that tamed the country around Mardan, but the Benton Canal, completed in 1902 and bringing a part of the Swat River under the Malakand Pass and out around Mardan, whose outskirts were green with orchards and yellow with wheat stretching from tree to tree...

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Q: What is the Khyber Pass plaque?
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What is the pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan called?

It is Khyber Pass. Khyber Pass is the most famous landmark in Khyber PakhtoonKhwa.

Is kabul the khyber pass?

No, Kabul is a city near the Khyber pass.

Who controls the khyber pass today 2008?

Pakistan controls the Khyber Pass.

What is the height of The Khyber Pass?

The height of Khyber Pass mountain at Landi Kotal is

What two countries are separated by the Khyber Pass?

Pakistan and Afghanistan are separated by the Khyber Pass

What 2 coutries separate Khyber Pass?

Khyber pass links Pakistan and Afghanistan.

What is the route through the mountains in north west India called?

The Khyber Pass The Khyber Pass

Where is the Khyber Pass?

The Khyber Pass, is the mountain pass that links Pakistan and Afghanistan, going through the Spin Ghar mountains.

What country is the khyber pass in?

I believe the Khyber Pass is in the Hindu Kush mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Which is the pass where Pakistan joins Afghanistan?

khyber pass

Name the biggest pass of Pakistan?

khyber pass

Is khyber pass a plateau or mountain?

the Khyber pass is a mountain range which now connects Pakistan and Afghanistan. the Aryans first entered India through this pass

Which continent is the Khyber Pass in?

It is in Asia.

How long is the Khyber Pass?


What is the climate in the Khyber Pass?

The Khyber Pass is high in the mountains of Afghanistan. It is harsh, windy, cold most of the year, and quite unforgiving.

Why might khyber pass be considered of military importance?

The Khyber pass is an entry point between 2-3 different countries.

What is the definition of khyber pass?

Khyber Pass is a place, a narrow passage through the Spin Ghar Mountains. It needs no further definition.

Which mountain pass links peshawar and jalalabad?

Khyber pass

What is the pass called between Afghanistan and India?

Khyber Pass.

Who lives around the Khyber Pass?


In which contient is the khyber pass?

peshawar hai

What is the length of khyber pass?

56 kilometer

What is the exact location of the Khyber Pass?


What is the Khyber Pass and where is it located?

Afghanistan & turkey

What mountain pass runs between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

The Khyber Pass.