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South America to be more specific it would be Southern Chille and Western Argentina.

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Q: What is the Magellan?
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How did Magellan travel?

Magellan traveled by boat. Magellan traveled by boat.

Who named the strait of Magellan?


What is named after Ferdinand Magellan?

i think the navigation system Magellan was named after Ferdinand Magellan The Magellanic penguins were named after Ferdinand Magellan.

What routes did Ferdinand Magellan use?

one of the routes magellan used was the strait of magellan

What is the complete name of Magellan?

fednand magellan

Image of the rute of Magellan?

Rute of Magellan?

Who came first legaspi or Magellan?


Why did Magellan have a limp?

What made magellan limp

Was magellan a pirate?

No, Ferdinand Magellan was an explorer.

Is there any place in the world named after Ferdinand Magellan?

The Magellan Pass Strait and Magellan Sea

What was the primary goal of Ferdinand Magellan?

Magellan's GoalFerdinand Magellan's primary goal was to circumnavigate the globe.

Which GPS manufacturer is better out of Magellan and Garmin?

The best of the two, Magellan and Garmin, would be Magellan. Magellan has the most accurate and consistent GPS. Shoot for Magellan for sure, you will definitely never have trouble with it.

What was Ferdinand Magellan first name?

Ferdinand Magellan

Where in Spain did Magellan sail from?

Magellan sailed from Portugal.

What was Magellan searching for?

Magellan was searching for a route to Asia

What was the purpose of Magellan's exploration?

What Was the Purpose of Magellan Exploration

What year did Magellan die?

Magellan died in 1521

Who is Cabot Magellan?

It's Ferdinand Magellan people

What killed magellan?

An arrow with a poison killed Magellan.^_^

How many kids did Magellan have?

Magellan had 3 kids.

What is the name of the strait that was named by Magellan?

Strait of Magellan

Who did Magellan meet?

Magellan met native americans

What was the strait of Magellan named after?

named after Ferdinand Magellan

When did Ferdinand Magellan discover the strait of Magellan?

He did it in 1520

What is the name of the strait named for Magellan?

the straight of magellan