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What is the McCumber Cube?


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October 03, 2009 8:37PM

In 1991, John McCumber created a model framework for establishing and evaluating information security (information assurance) programs, now known as The McCumber Cube. This security model is depicted as a three dimensional Rubik's Cube-like grid.

The concept of this model is that, in developing information assurance systems, organizations must consider the interconnectedness of all the different factors that impact them. To devise a robust information assurance program, one must consider not only the security goals of the program (see below), but also how these goals relate specifically to the various states in which information can reside in a system and the full range of available security safeguards that must be considered in the design. The McCumber model helps one to remember to consider all important design aspects without becoming too focused on any one in particular (i.e., relying exclusively on technical controls at the expense of requisite policies and end-user training).

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